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Lindsey arrives home. He starts talking to an unseen guest, apologizing for being late and so forth. He sits on the couch and asks, "How do you feel?" and we finally see Darla's there, curled up under a blankie. She's got a burn on her face, but she's mostly healed. She weakly simpers about the way Lindsey saved her, and the two of them explain to the audience that, after the Angel barbecue, Drusilla visited Lindsey and told him where to find Darla. Darla moans that Drusilla is gone, and when Lindsey says, "She'll be back," Darla says, "You're the only one who hasn't abandoned me." Lindsey is a big sucker. Well, a rather petite sucker, actually. With one hand! Ha ha! He hands over a big bottle of blood to Darla, who eagerly unscrews it as Lindsey gets up to go take a shower. Darla rasps, "You're never dirty." As Lindsey walks toward the bathroom, he says, "I'm always dirty." Darla rolls her eyes with me, and that gives her one redemption point. As soon as Lindsey shuts the door, Darla hops up and starts poking through his bag. She pulls out the manila envelope and begins perusing the contents as she casually pulls at her bottle of blood. I liked that.

Angel arrives at Caritas and rushes over to Cary. Cary says that the place is packed, so Angel may not be able to get in the karaoke queue. Darn. Angel says, "I'm not here to sing," and Cary says, "Oh, is that what we're calling it now." I've watched this part four times now, and it makes me laugh every time. Angel non-explains, "Something's coming," and Cary says that he figured that out, since the place is packed with Wolfram & Hart staffers. What is up with Cary's makeup? It's much heavier than usual. Cary, hon, you look cheap. Wipe that stuff off your face. Angel wants Cary to share what he's learned from the karaokiers. Cary says, "Now, Angelcakes, you wouldn't appreciate it if I were to blab your personal stuff to every Tom, Dick, and vampire that walked in the door." He hems for a while about how he can't talk about what he sees in performers. Y'know, unless the fate of the world is at stake. Or something. Then he adds, "But I can tell you what I overheard in the men's restroom: it's coming Friday. And it's got all their legal briefs in a twist about it." Cary explains about the seventy-five-year review, and that everyone's tense about whatever it is that performs the review: "Let's just say, it ain't Rex Reed." Snicker. Angel wants more information about the reviewer, and Cary clarifies, "It's evil. It's dark. It's merciless. Actually, now that I say it out loud, it sounds an awful like Rex, doesn't it?" Well, um, not really. The first joke worked, because Rex Reed is a blurb-o-matic. I'd even go along with evil and dark, but he's as far from merciless as you can get. Angel peevishly asks Cary to describe this thing in one word. Cary settles for two: "Senior. Partner." Finally there are commercials, and I can call Johanna, so that we can talk about the shirt.

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