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Johanna: Cordelia's shirt was made of MOSS!
Strega: Damn you! You were supposed to say, "Hello," and then the first thing I was going to say was, "Cordelia was wearing a lawn!" After I hung up before, I realized what she was wearing, and I almost called you back immediately.
Johanna: I almost called you, too! But I figured it could wait.
Strega: Yeah. It's not like you wouldn't have noticed it unless someone pointed it out.
Johanna: How can she not notice her clothes are growing?
Strega: Well, she's poor, right? Maybe she's making her own clothes now. Next week she'll wear something made of bark.
Johanna: Or rocks!
Strega: This is all going in the recap, you know. Oh, it's back on.
Johanna: Bye.

A pair of lawyers (they aren't demons, so they must be lawyers, right?) are singing "Reunited." During the ads, Cary managed to sneak away to a table, but Angel sits down next to him demanding more details. He's awfully contrary. First he wanted a one-word description; now he wants details. Angel says he's not asking Cary to reveal anyone's destiny, "but getting to these Senior Partners, that's [his] destiny." Cary isn't so sure about that. He tells Angel not to worry about all the rituals Wolfram & Hart is funding: "They're nervous children trying to score as many brownie points as they can before daddy gets home. I got news: Daddy? Not impressed." Angel tries again: "What is it, and how do I stop it?" Cary's answer is, "I don't know, and you don't." He admits that, because a demon has to take on a form to manifest in our dimension, it can be killed. "Kinda the down side of being here. That, and the so-called musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber." Angel stares at him silently, trying to be the dour yin to Cary's raging gay yang. I think Cary likes annoying Angel, so this is actually a smart move. Faced with a complete lack of exasperation, Cary caves, and tells Angel that one thing he did pick up while doing is readings is something called "the Band of Blacknil." And one other thing: "Home office." I'm guessing that this is about a new rock group that works out of their house. I could be wrong. Angel gets up, but Cary calls him back. "I am picking up one other thing. They'd really like to see you dead." Angel turns to look at a horde of lawyers glaring at him. Their combined staring power summons a blipvert.

It's a thrilling scene of Angel paging through books back at the hotel. And going from room to room, looking for more books. He's probably looking for the one he threw on the floor last week.

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