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Remember Denver, the guy from the bookstore who helped Angel in "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been...?" Also known as, "that one with the really long title that didn't entirely make sense?" You probably do remember him, since they made a big point about him in the "previously"s. Good. Well, he's older, obviously, but he's still watching sitcoms in his bookstore when Angel wooshes in. And Denver remembers Angel. As they both -- can you stand it? -- look through books, Denver says that Angel changed his life. Apparently seeing a vampire work to save humans convinced Denver that there must be some good in the world after all. He asks how things went with the Thesulac demon. Angel distractedly mentions, "I don't know, I think he killed everyone there." Denver is a little thrown by that, but insists, "The point is, you tried." Angel says, "Actually, I pretty much walked out and let the demon have the place and everyone in it." Heh. That was mean, too. And he just tosses it off, so casually. After hearing how important it was for Denver. Good stuff. Denver's really thrown now, but Angel returns to his new obsession: getting to the home office. Denver says that the Senior Partner will probably take the form of a Kleynach demon, because then "they can come and go as they please with that ring." "Ring"? Why, yes, the Band of Blacknil. It's not a new rock group at all. In fact, it gives the demon the power to move between dimensions. Angel perks up at that news, and asks if he could use the ring to get to wherever the demon came from. Denver says he probably could, but, by gosh, that would be crazy! He finally catches on, and says, "You're gonna try to go down there and destroy the whole lot of 'em, aren't you?" Angel changes topics from his deathwish to getting the ring. But Denver says that, to get the ring, Angel will have to kill the Kleynach. And to kill the Kleynach, he'll need a glove. Angel declares, "Okay, now you're making this up." I snickered a lot at that line. This whole thing reminds me of an Infocom game. Denver pulls out another book and reads that all who fought the Kleynach demons were incinerated "whether they struck with fist or sword." Anyone else wonder how a Kleynach would fare against a bazooka? But they were defeated when someone grabbed their throat with a special glove, blah blah mystical forces-cakes. Denver briefly leaves the room and comes back with a silvery gauntlet. He says, "Picked it up in '75 at a yard sale in Covina. Been using it as an oven mitt. Now, I give it to you." If he uses it as an oven mitt, why is it at the bookstore? Does he have an oven back there? Did he move in, as he threatened to do back in the '50s? If so, how did Angel get in? Whaddya mean it was just a throwaway joke? No, I don't need to lie down for a little while. I'm fine. Really. Okay, I'll move on. Sheesh.

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