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Right, so Denver presents the glove to Angel, and makes a little speech. "The truth is, you did change my life, and I got a feeling this time, things are gonna go --" Well, naturally, that's when there's a clanging noise and blood pours out of Denver's mouth. He gasps, "-- better," as he drops the glove, revealing a sword blade poking through his stomach. Angel moves to catch him, and the sword is rammed forward into Angel. Shishka-vamp! Darla appears behind Denver and smirks, "That's right, Angelus. Go towards [sic] the bleeding mortals. Because that's smart." Angel collapses to the floor with Denver on top of him. Darla picks up the gauntlet, allowing us to admire her black leather pants, and explains, "The ring's not about vengeance, Angelus. It's about power." She kicks Angel in the head and adds, as she heads out, "We'll get to the vengeance part soon." Angel pulls himself off the sword and expresses deep hurting. It is only at this point that I notice he's wearing a dark red shirt. Really, really dark, but still, it's not black.

I call Johanna again, and I don't remember what we were talking about until the show starts and -- gaaaaaaaaaaah! Johanna says, "Close the robe!" Every part of my being would agree, if I could speak. Wesley's lounging on his sofa at home, wearing a robe that is open to reveal his bandaged midsection and also the, uh, part of him that's above his midsection. Shudder. I make a pledge that for the rest of the season, I will not complain about seeing Angel's chest. At least not in the recaps. Unless I change my mind. Anyway, he's bragging to Virginia about standing up to Angel, and she suggests that maybe he could have skipped the part where he literally stood up and popped his stitches. They continue discussing the fact that she's used to demons and magic, but not to regular old shootings. Wesley says, "The gun was fired by a zombie, if it makes you feel any better." It doesn't. She scooches in and cuddles up against that still-open robe, and talks about whether the battle is worth fighting. She says that other people "don't have to wrap themselves in bandages to keep their insides from falling out." Virginia asks whether Wesley could ever give up the evil-fighting. Wesley delicately asks, "Could you be with someone who would?" I was hoping Wesley would say, "Remember our conversation when I got fired? I'm not really suited to any other work." But no. Virginia says, "I don't know. But sometimes I feel like I should be wrapped in bandages to keep my insides from falling out." I was wavering on Virginia, but anyone who'd say something that hokey needs to go. Wesley pets her for a minute and finally says, "This is difficult for you, isn't it?" Virginia says she doesn't like seeing Wesley get hurt, and Wesley says, "No, I mean breaking up with me." Go wrap yourself in bandages somewhere else, Virginia. Don't let the medicine cabinet door hit you on the way out.

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