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Darla and Dru check out the wares in a boutique. As Dru tries on a hat, a phone rings, and Dru says, "I'm ringing. D'you hear it? I'm ringing all over." She starts to do a little cell-phone dance, until Darla calmly reaches into Dru's cleavage and pulls out the phone. Dru stops her dance and says, "Oh yeah. Fo'got about that." Heh. I think what I like about Dru is that her flakiness is intended as a sign of insanity. I hate Phoebe, and Willow, and all those other overly cutsey characters whose flakiness is meant to be endearing. But for Dru it's meant to be indicative of actual mental instability, so I like it. In case you wondered. Thanks for listening. Anyway, Darla answers the phone, "Hello, Holland." Cut to Lindsey's office, where Lilah and Lindsey listen in on Holland's half of the conversation. Darla tells Holland that she feels like her old self again, which he's happy to hear. Holland says that he's heard that they've been on a spree. Darla asks whether that's a problem, as she strolls over to the body of one of the store's salesgirls. "On the contrary," Holland reassures her, "why settle for a spree when you could have, say, a massacre?" I'll just jot that down in my commonplace book. Darla and Dru are, naturally, keen on massacres, and Holland says that they'll have "the full weight and support of Wolfram & Hart" behind them. Oddly, Holland doesn't have any suggestions for where they should begin their massacre. I thought that was a slight oversight at the time, and hindsight just confirms it. Darla hangs up, and Dru models a red jacket with faux-fur trim and asks, "Am I pretty, then?" Darla says that Dru is, and suggests that they find some shoes. She wanders back across the store and asks the other salesgirl, who is trying to pull herself across the floor, for assistance. It's nice that they're hiring disabled people in shops now. Although she seems like she ought to at least have a wheelchair. Oh, wait, I get it. Darla goes on asking for help with her shoes while the salesgirl whimpers, and then Darla leans over and snaps the girl's neck. Then she makes a predictable comment about lousy customer service.

Back at the office, Lilah shows off her mini-skirt and says that Angel should be busy for a while. "Yeah, until he kills them," Lindsey sniffs, but Holland says that killing Darla and Dru will be more difficult than Angel realizes. He's just about finished saying that they "won't have to worry about Angel anymore" when Angel crashes through the window. Okay, good, wasn't expecting that. Angel rushes right for Lindsey and demands to know where the D-girls are. Holland interrupts the threatening to introduce himself. The man is positively unflappable. He reaches out to shake Angel's hand, but Angel responds, "I'd be careful who I offered that hand to, Mr. Manners. You might just lose it." Holland's arm lowers. Angel adds, "Isn't that right, Lindsey?" Lindsey is also pretty free of flapping, however, and smirks, "There's [sic] worse things to lose, aren't there?" He's feeling a lot better about life since his haircut. Angel pushes him away and turns to Holland. Holland announces that he is "Division Head of Special Projects." Angel asks if Darla is one of these projects, and Holland says that Darla is just a tool. Security guards with baton-stakes enter as Holland adds, "You're the project." Angel threatens Holland, but Holland says that Angel doesn't kill humans. "You don't qualify," is Angel's response. Oh, look, he's learning that morality isn't black and white. Only took him two hundred years. Angel speechifies, "You set things in motion, play your little games up here in your glass-and-chrome tower, and people die. Innocent people." Holland's good-natured response is, "And yet I just can't seem to care. But you do. And while you're making threats, wasting time crashing through windows, the girls are out painting the town red-red-red." He goes on about lives in the balance, people needing saving, blah blah blah herocakes. Angel eyes the guards and suspiciously asks whether Holland's really going to let him leave. Holland insists that he will: "We don't want you dead. Yet. If we did, you wouldn't be standing here." He tells the guards to escort Angel out, and explains, "I would walk you out myself, but I'm running a little late for a wine-tasting at my home. And, just so we're clear on the matter, you're not invited." Time for another blipvert.

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