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Lindsey tags along with the guards as they lead Angel out to the waiting police car. Barbs are exchanged. Lindsey tells the cops to put Angel in a cell with a window, "southern exposure preferred." He smugly tells Angel, "The firm may not want you dead, but I'm cool with it." Angel gets in the car and finds Kate waiting for him. "Perfect," he grumbles. As the car moves on, Angel asks if he should escape now or after they get to the station. Kate interrupts to tell him that two people were killed at a clothing store, and that one of the murderers matches Darla's description. Angel asks why she's telling him this. Kate says, "Because I don't think I can stop them. Maybe you can." She tells the driver to pull over, and releases Angel. Wonder how she's gonna write that up on her report. Oh, and Angel -- you could at least say "thank you." Tsk. Remember, boys and girls, forgetting basic social niceties is the first step down a slippery slope that ends with you condemning a roomful of people to a terrifying death.

Cut to Manners Manor. Tee hee. Right, so Mrs. Manners goes to answer the door and welcomes Lindsey to her not-so-humble home. Lindsey identifies Mrs. Manners as "Catherine," and hands her a bouquet.

Down in the wine cellar, Holland address his suited troops: "The senior partners have informed me that they are very, very pleased with the work our division has been doing. Thing have been progressing nicely, and ahead of schedule, I might add." He singles out Lilah and Lindsey for extra praise, and starts talking about how their work is part of a "larger, greater plan, one which the senior partners hope --" He stops, and everyone turns to see Darla and Dru promenade into the room. Fashion check. Dru has added red vinyl pants to her furry jacket, while Darla has chosen a becoming sheer black top which she jazzes up with what I think are gold-tinted leather pants. Darla's made up for her comparatively understated wardrobe by attacking her hair with a curling iron. Johanna wonders, "So, in between leaving the boutique and going to the party, they stopped to get their hair done?" I suggest that they did each other's hair, since Darla's hair-don't makes sense if you figure that Drusilla is responsible for it. Johanna says that she would have liked to see that scene ("Shall I tease your 'air, Grandmum?"), and I must agree. Anyway, Holland looks a bit dazed as he starts to ask how they got inside the house. Darla explains that Catherine invited them in. Dru adds that she was sweet, like clover and honey, and licks her lips in case Holland is particularly clueless. Let's all watch as Holland's will to power slowly slides off his face. Darla says, "Just think of it as our way of giving you what you want." Holland's confused, so Darla clarifies: "I believe you said something about a massacre?" She and Drusilla vamp out.

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