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Angel wanders around outside the boutique as police inspect the murder scene. A cop kneels in front of a set of mirrors to pick up a necklace that's fallen to the ground. He sits up and looks around at the mirrors, almost as if he feels he's being watched. He bends down again, because I guess the necklace is incredibly heavy, and as he does so, we can see Angel behind him. So sneaky with the mirrors. Though I'd like to know why no one else stopped him from entering the murder scene. Oh, well. He wanders to the back of the store.

Lindsey looks kinda pleased to see Darla and Dru, but everyone else in the room is less enthusiastic. Dru coos, "Pretty lawyers, all in a row," and starts counting heads. Points for the extra behind Lindsey, who doesn't let any of this keep him from enjoying Holland's wine. Holland tells Darla that he's glad she's alive, and tries to play up Wolfram & Hart's role in her survival, because we all know about the vampiric capacity for gratitude. Darla tells Holland, "I guess you really care about me as a person. I guess I owe all of you." Dru strokes Lilah's cheek and compliments her on her complexion. Lilah explains that she moisturizes, and Dru leans in close to say, "That was very thoughtful of you." Darla approaches Holland and expresses some bitterness about the way he "let [her] wallow with a soul and sent [her] crawling back to Angel." Holland ratchets up his sincerity as he says that he expected Angel to re-vamp her, but he miscalculated. "I thought he cared more than he did," he adds. Dru makes talky gestures with her hands and jabbers, "Grandmum won't eat the double-speak." Darla agrees that, verily, she will not be partaking of misleading conversational gambits.

Angel enters the dressing room, perhaps wondering what it is that girls do back there. He opens a booth and finds a girl cowering inside. He reassures her that the cops are there, and that she's okay. The girl whimpers about how she was looking for a dress for her office party when the D-girls arrived, and how she thought they'd find her, and so on. Angel asks if she heard anything, and the girl says, "I guess I was lucky 'cause of the party." Angel doesn't quite roll his eyes as he says, "You'll be okay, you'll make your party." The girl clarifies that the D-girls left because they were in a hurry to get to a "tasting." Angel tells the girl to go find a police officer, and helps her out of the booth.

Dru twitchily hisses, "I 'ear the sirens. They don't know if the world will be there in the mornin'." Lilah asks Lindsey whether he hears sirens, and whether the police are on their way. Lindsey says no: "She senses what this place was built for." Holland explains that his wine cellar is a converted bomb shelter. Dru channels Madonna, circa "Respect Yourself," as she slides a hand down to her crotch and says, "People, huddled together, crouching in fear." Holland agrees that it probably would have been like that, and Darla gets the punchline: "No. Now. She means now." Holland admits he "stepped into that one." He apologizes for Darla's suffering, but reminds her that she is now a "superior being," and that all of his staff will be happy to help her achieve her goals. Darla says that all she senses is "big, stinky fear." Then she strolls over to Lindsey and adds, "But not from you." She growls by his neck again and asks why he isn't afraid. Lindsey doesn't know. She points out that he may die, and asks if he cares. Lindsey says, "I care. I guess I just don't mind." So it's a really apathetic form of caring. Er, okay. Holland insists that no one will die, because "this is just a friendly get-together amongst colleagues." Darla says, "I love this room," then skips over to Dru and tells her, "In our new digs, we have to put in a people cellar."

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