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As Doyle and Angel pull themselves back together, Cordy comes out. Doyle asks what happened and Cordy explains, "She pissed me off." Suddenly Cordy gets the White-Tinted Contacts of Ghostly Possession, grabs a nearby floor lamp, and starts smashing through that darn wall. Maude reappears, looking frightened, as Cordy reveals a little cubby behind the bricks, containing a skeleton. Maude screams,, not a blipvert, but a full-fledged flashback. "You Always Hurt the Ones You Love" plays in the background, as a live Maude efficiently walls her son up inside the brick wall. "How are you gonna leave now?" she chirps. Dennis pleads for his life to no avail. Maude finishes up the wall, plasters over it, and just as she hangs a painting on the finished product, has a heart attack. Back in the present, Maude trembles as the skeleton of her son suddenly glows, and a spooky mist begins oozing out of the wall. The mist congeals into a pretty cool looking CGI skull, which turns toward Maude as she begs for forgiveness, and suddenly lunges at her. Maude is vaporized. Cordy comments, "I knew I didn't like that wall."

Doyle adds a new deadbolt to his door while Angel practices for that psychiatry degree. "You know I'll help you out," he tells Doyle. Doyle thanks Angel, and Angel continues, "But sooner or later I'm gonna need to hear it." Doyle asks what "it" is, and Angel says, "The story of your life." Man, I hope that's off-screen, because I actually don't need to hear it. Doyle says he'll tell all eventually, blah, blah, they share a moment. Cordy is at her place, talking to Aura on the phone, bragging about her apartment. She says, "Yeah, I have a roommate, but it's cool; I never see him." Cordy's non-product-placed can of generic diet root beer begins sliding across the end table, and Cordy covers the phone to say, "Hey, Phantom Dennis, put that back." The Phantom Dennis. Tee hee hee! The soda slides back into position, but then the TV comes on. Cordy has to explain, "When I am on the phone, that's quiet time." Click. "Thanks!" says Cordy. Cordy returns to discussing Sunnydale gossip, and so ends the show. I hope we get to see more of Cordy's ghost-management in future episodes. And I predict that Doyle will become jealous of Dennis.

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