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A record of "Ode to Joy" is playing at Angel's, while the sounds of water running can be heard in the background. At a knock on the door, Angel wanders out, fresh from the shower and wrapping a towel around himself. This scores very high on the list of things I never wanted to see. Anyway, he opens the door, and it's Cordy, carrying a number of bags and suitcases. She explains that she can't stand her apartment, and adds, "Get this: I tried to call Doyle -- I have sunk that low -- and there was no answer, so here I am. Not that you were the last resort, it's just that I had nowhere else left to go." Heh. I can't help noting the painting of an elf playing a flute on the wall behind Angel in this scene. Has he been shopping at Renaissance Fairs? During her ranting, Cordy also turns the record off, halting "Ode to Joy," which is, I'll confess, an unusually subtle bit of foreshadowing for this show. Cordy goes on to complain about the roaches, describing them as "all skinny feet and creepy antlers," which causes Angel to wonder, "Antlers?" She ignores him, and suddenly wonders how many roaches might be hidden in her luggage. Angel looks perturbed by that idea. Cordy concludes by saying she needs a shower, and that she'll have to stay at Angel's place until she finds a new apartment. In return, when she gets resettled, Angel is welcome to come visit. "Hey, you can just dump my stuff on your couch or let me have the bed, whatever you feel good about." She heads for the shower, stopping to ask, "Do you have mousse?" After looking at Angel again, she realizes, "Of course you do." Exit Cordy, who did a good job even though she had virtually all the dialogue there.

Doyle enters the office the next morning, looking all shifty and nervous. As usual. He descends into the vampcave and finds Cordy sitting at the breakfast table in a robe, combing her hair while using a shiny tea kettle as a mirror. Hee. She greets Doyle and asks, "You ever get that feeling like you just can't shower enough, like something's happened and you'll never be clean?" While Doyle tries to follow that line of thought, Angel enters, wearing boxers (black, naturally) and a red robe. Which I really wish he'd tied around him. Please, make him put clothes on! He's also got some sort of unidentifiable pendant hanging on a chain around his neck, I guess to draw attention to his shiny, pale chest. Ugh. He complains that Cordy got peanut butter on his bed. Cordy denies any responsibility, but goes to examine the evidence. Doyle has the predictable comedic misinterpretation: "You know I was crazy about her, and I was wearing her down, too! But no, handsome brooding vampire guy has to swoop in, all sensitive mouth and overhanging forehead." Angel questioningly feels his eyebrows. I'm really a sucker for any jokes making fun of Angel's appearance. Doyle goes on, "How about leaving some scraps for the homely looking fellas who don't turn evil when the get some?" Angel explains, Doyle is reassured. Cordy returns, now wearing a pinkish pleated skirt that laces down the front, which is low on her hips so there's a gap between it and her skanky little top, and who is dressing these people? Cordy insists that Angel must have gotten peanut butter on the sheets. When Angel points out, "I don't eat," she responds, "Well, then I don't even want to know how it got there." Ew. Given Angel's clear declaration that he does not eat, and how regular the inconsistencies are becoming, I expect we'll see him dining on steak sometime soon.

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