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The wind dies away suddenly when there's a knock at the door. Cordy opens it to find that Angel and Doyle have come to visit. Man, it just gets worse and worse for her, doesn't it? Angel is holding a teeny tiny little pot with a teeny tiny little cactus in it. Angel says, "Cactus. Housewarming present." That was a weird enough demonstration of Angel's lousy social skills that I kind of liked it. Cordy tries to tell them to come back later, when she's done settling in, but Doyle pushes his way through. Cordy looks back to see Angel still leaning in the doorway, getting a tan or something, and says with a rather pleased tone, "Oh, that's right, you can't come in." Angel immediately steps inside and shuts the door. "Wait, what about the rule?" Cordy asks. Angel reminds her that she invited him to come over when she got a new place. "What? I didn't even have a place then! These rules are getting all screwed up!" says Cordy, echoing the thoughts of many viewers. Then Cordy notices that Doyle has picked up the, um, curtain cord thingy, and she exclaims, "Oh my god, don't touch that!" Doyle says he's just closing the curtains "so our boss doesn't burst into flames." No comment.

Angel asks for a tour, which Cordy provides by pointing and saying rapidly, "This is the kitchen, living room, I'm gonna knock out that wall and that's about it." As she mentions that wall a pair of scissors goes flying straight for Angel, who happens to step out of the way, allowing Cordy to catch them with no one the wiser. Particularly Angel, who wasn't that wise to begin with. Cordy opens a cabinet drawer, and as she drops the scissors in the bottom of the drawer begins to bulge up into a face. She slams the drawer shut, and turns back to her visitors, suggesting they might want to step out somewhere for lunch. One of Cordy's trophies dives off the mantel toward Doyle, but Angel catches it. Cordy claims that the mantel is uneven, but by now even Angel has noticed something is amiss. Cordy tries again, suggesting that "It's a very, very bad trophy." Creepy noises start up, and Cordy turns to find "DIE" written on the wall behind her. As the letters begin to drip bloodily, Angel suggests they leave. Cordy rebels, saying she will not give up her apartment. "It's haunted," Angel points out. "It's rent-controlled!" she responds. "Maybe it's not done yet, maybe it's 'diet!' That's friendly! A little judgmental, sure...I am not giving it up! It's perfect, and beautiful, it's so me. I need it!" Angel tries to argue, pointing out "You don't need it, it's just a place. You're more than that." Johanna says that this was a nice thing for him to say, and that Angel's actually a really nice guy, yet she continues to deny being in love with him. I know better. Cordy asks Angel, "How am I more than that?" rather plaintively. Doyle suggests that maybe they could cleanse the apartment, which Cordy begs Angel to do. Angel says that they can talk about it back at the office, and as he and Doyle drag Cordy through the door she shouts, "Listen good, Casper! You haven't won a thing! I'll die before I give up this apartment!" In the empty room we hear the ghost respond cheerily, "All right dear, if that's what you think is best."

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