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Less than two weeks till Dogma opens. Yay!

Doyle is searching the web for information about people who might have lived, or died, in Cordy's apartment. What kind of specialized search engine do they have? Angel tries his vampire shrink act with Cordy, pointing out that it's just a place to live. She says no, it's more, and that "if it goes's like I'm still getting punished." Angel asks what she's being punished for, and Cordy shrugs. "I dunno, for how I was. For everything I said in high school just 'cause I could get away with it. And then it all ended and I had to pay. But this apartment -- I could be me again! Punishment over, welcome back to your life. Like, I couldn't be that awful if I get to have place like that. It's just like you." Angel nods, and says, "Working for redemption." Cordy frowns and replies, "Um, I meant because you used to have that mansion." I don't like the idea of Cordy regretting her behavior, but a funny joke at the end helps the medicine go down. Doyle discovers the very first tenant of her apartment was Maude Pearson, who died of a heart attack in the living room. Cordy says that must be the ghost, because "the place has that weird little old lady smell, like violets and aspercreme." Cordy is all reved up to cleanse that ghost right out of her hair, but Angel is less positive. Paging through a book, he says, "It's not an easy spell. I mean, hawthorne berries, and lungwort, and bile. We need bile. I don't know if we can get everything." I've got some bile to spare, if they really need it. But Doyle claims to know yet another guy, someone "in Koreatown who does these spells all the time." Cordy ungratefully asks if this is the same guy who helped find her "poltergeistalicious apartment." Angel sends Doyle on his way, and leaves Cordy to surf the web while he goes to consult with Kate.

That night the office phone rings. The answering machine starts recording, but when Cordy hears Angel's voice she picks up the phone, and he tells her to meet him back at her apartment. She enters her place, and hears Angel calling her from the bedroom. She goes in, but no one's there. Then she turns around and runs right into ol' Maude, who says "You got my call," in Angel's voice. For some reason I can accept that the ghost can imitate voices perfectly, and dial a phone, but I would like to know how she had Angel's number, and how she knew that only Cordy was there when she called. Cordy races back to the front door, but she can't get it open. Suddenly she's thrown across the room. When she picks herself up, Maude is there saying "Poor thing, you just don't fit in around here do you? Too bad you wouldn't leave my son alone." "Your son?" asks Cordy. Maude attacks Cordy with a blipvert.

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