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"Funny" Strange, or "Funny" Ha-Ha?

Fred and Gunn roam the tunnels, shouting for Matthew. Gunn claims he heard the kid splashing up ahead. Fred wonders if the noises could have been another monster. Gunn marches on valiantly. "Or it could just be rats," Fred adds. Gunn stops and whines, "What'd you have to go and say that for? Damn!" He starts looking around at the ground while Fred semi-apologizes, and assures Gunn that any noises they hear are probably just some kind of horrible monster. Then a completely insane conversation happens. I'll give you the CliffsNotes version:

Gunn: Well, this is a fine howdy-do.
Fred: Matthew must be scared.
Strega: What? How is that a response to what Gunn said?
Gunn: Angel says that feelings don't matter.
Strega: Are you two supposed to be talking to each other?
Fred: Mean people suck.
Gunn: Nice people get killed by Jasmine.
Fred: I need more important goals than mere survival.
Strega: You mean, like when you were in Pylea?
Gunn: You were pretty mean when we killed Dr. Seidel.
Fred: It eats me up inside when I think about that.
Gunn: Which proves...wait, does that prove your point or mine?
Fred: Being eaten up inside is better than being a heartless shell.
Strega: No, you idiot, being eaten up inside is what causes you to become a heartless shell.
Gunn: Matthew must be scared.
Fred: I win!
Strega: What the hell?

Meanwhile, the Foundlings are a little perturbed by Angel's vampirism. Cary defends Angel, explaining that he only drinks pig's blood. Angel doesn't think that's helping. Cary insists, "You've gotta a give an undead fella points for that, right? I mean, unless you're into the whole kosher thing, but you're not...well, you don't look --" Heh. Angel goes for a husky Clint Eastwood voice as she says that he can't justify himself to the kids. He adds, "But what I can do is take that spear away from you and snap it into kindling, and break your neck, in half the time it would take for you to give it a good push." All righty then! The kids look a tiny bit intimidated.

Gunn kicks a grate out of a sewer pipe as he and Fred reach the surface. Aieee, daylight! So, do they think the kid passed through the tiny little holes in the grating? If not, I'm thinking this is the wrong exit. They reach the street and start to hurry in a random direction. Well, this is hopeless. Gunn and Fred duck behind a building as a skateboarder passes by. The streets are otherwise deserted, but I have no idea if that signifies anything. I guess it's probably early in the morning, actually. Gunn and Fred run down an alley.

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