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"Funny" Strange, or "Funny" Ha-Ha?

Cary, Fred, and Gunn walk down the tunnel. They're walking quickly, but that still seems a bit unhurried. Although the Foundlings said they had traps all around, so maybe they're being cautious. Man, they're just screwed. And speaking of screwed, that's when they're suddenly lit up by flashlights. The tunnel ahead of them is crowded with soldiers, and Connor shoves his way up to the front of the group. Connor smiles, and says, à la Jasmine, "Hello again, children. I believe you've met my father."

Angel attacks Yuckmeister, and gets skewered for his trouble. Yuckmeister jams a claw through Angel's torso, lifts him up, and then throws him down. Angel swings the sword, and Yuckmeister snaps the blade off with a claw. Wesley suddenly screams his battle-cry, which is "Yaaaaaaaaaah," and clubs Yuckmeister with a metal pipe. Yuckmeister knocks Wesley away and shouts, "Wait your turn, talky!" before turning back to Angel. Meanwhile, Angel grabs the broken sword-point and jumps up, jamming the point into Yuckmeister's neck. Hey! He got that idea from his dream! That's kind of cool. Yuckmeister collapses, and looks up to moan, "Devourer, this meat I give unto thee." Aw. Poor little guy. Wesley quickly fills Angel in on how the blue orb is the key to Jasmine's home dimension. Angel responds, "What?" Hee. Wesley decides to stick to the highlights: "I think the universe just handed us our first break."

As the MoG run away from the soldiers, Cary wails, "I really hate today!"

Wesley is puzzling over how to make the orb work. Angel asks, "So this high priest holds the true name?"

Soldiers hurry through the tunnels.

Wesley guesses that the priest will be "bigger and meaner than [their] big, mean friend over there." Angel suddenly looks up and says, "Something's going down." Something with the man? After another minute -- during which I assume he's sniffing the air -- or possibly listening to the distant noise, he sighs, "Connor."

Connor leads the soldiers down a tunnel and suddenly stops to sneer, "Angel."

Jasmine stands in her room and says, "Angel."

Fred runs along and gasps, "Angel!" It's like a theme. But without the significance. Cary moans, "Oh, God, are we dead yet?" Angel suddenly calls to them and leads them into the Yuckmeister's lair. Wesley's puzzling over the orb, "No words..." As the MoG run in, Angel closes the steel door.

The soldiers arrive outside and start pounding against the door.

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