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"Funny" Strange, or "Funny" Ha-Ha?

The MoG lean against the door to hold it. Except Wesley, who's too busy pacing and talking about how useless words are. Anyone who's heard him talk already knows that. He grumbles, "No word magic. Powerless. Much more power in...blood magic?" He puts his hand on a small wound on his head, and then touches the orb. And is instantly zapped into another dimension, where he dies because he can't breathe. Okay, that doesn't happen, but it would have served him right. When you think you've figured it out, you give the thing to Angel and let him try it, for heaven's sake! The orb glows more brightly and starts crackling with energy. He calls for Angel as the orb emits crackling light that forms a portal. Angel tells the others to go while he holds the door. Wesley explains that the atmosphere will kill the rest of them. Of course, there's no guarantee that it won't kill Angel, too. I mean, what if the atmosphere is all fiery? Wesley runs up to the door and quotes Angel: "Someone who knows the truth has to live through this." Fred chimes in, "Hearts get in the way, right?" Angel moves away and lets Wesley take his place. Wesley's brain starts working for a second as he suddenly remembers to give Angel the orb in case he needs it to get back or something. Angel looks at the MoG, and Wesley is totally not helping them hold the door at all. Everybody else is groaning and struggling, and he's just casually leaning against it with one arm. The music swells. Angel looks at the portal, strolls into it, and vanishes. Wesley says they can't hold the door, and while I know there's a lot going on, I keep waiting for someone to look up and see the horrible mass of mangled bodies on the other side of the room. Gunn declares, "Time for the big fight scene!" He starts to count to three.

On three, Connor kicks in the door. Johanna wondered if he'd just knocked the door down on top of the MoG, and it would be kind if funny if Connor looked around and gasped, "They're gone!" and then we saw four pairs of feet sticking out from under the door. But no, they've retreated to the other side of the room. Connor draws a sword as the soldiers rush in. The MoG leap into slo-mo action. Wesley's armed with the pipe, Gunn's got one of the Foundlings' knife-sticks, Fred has the Club, and Cary has the hockey stick. They're so dead. The doomed feeling helps mitigate their very lucky discovery of some crucial plot points. Plus, Cary actually gets in a couple good whacks with the hockey stick.

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