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"Funny" Strange, or "Funny" Ha-Ha?

Jasmine stands on her balcony with her arms stretched out. Slashes open up on her arms and immediately heal themselves. She makes with the evil laughter again, although it's more disturbing when she's giggling at all the wounds the Jasmaniacs are getting. And since Gunn's the only one with a sharp weapon, it looks like he's doing a lot of damage.

Angel steps out of the portal and into a hazy CGI landscape that bears a strong resemblance to Vulcan. Is this Dimension X? Where are the killer penguins? The globe is now white. Clicking noises are heard as Angel looks behind him, and sees that he's on the edge of a precipice. The camera pulls back until we see a demon just like Yuckmeister standing nearby. It creeps toward Angel, and the camera retreats further until we see a half-dozen demons surrounding Angel. Back some more, and we see even more demons. Crap, I better not have to come up with names for all of these things. We jump back to a close-up of Angel as he sighs, "Oh, hell."

Next time, it looks like that the priest isn't so big and mean after all. And people get nekkid!

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