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"Funny" Strange, or "Funny" Ha-Ha?

The Angelmobile pulls into a moderately busy gas station. Cary says, "That's a whole lot of pod people," but Angel says it's better than the last three places they tried. Wesley suggests that if they get out of Jasmine's "sphere of influence," they might be able to prepare some kind of resistance. There's a shot of two guys at by the pumps, one of whom is wiping oil off his hands on the other guy's tie. Angel says they have to move fast, and reminds Gunn that the Jasmaniacs are under a spell, then adds, "But if it does come down to a choice between us or them..." Gunn's cool with that.

A man slides his credit card at the pump and turns to his car with a gas nozzle. Gunn punches the guy and grabs the nozzle. As the Angelmobile quickly backs up within reach, Gunn announces, "That's right -- it's the big, bad, free-will gang, gassing up!" I guess they're already attracting attention, but maybe someone should give Gunn lessons in stealth. The rest of the MoG hop out of the car, and Angel warns the Jasmaniacs, "We don't want to hurt anyone!" A Latino guy walks up and speaks with Jasmine's voice: "But you are hurting me, Angel, just by being." Angel, dumbfounded, says, "Oookay, that's new." The guy continues speaking with Jasmine's voice, and, inevitably, they fight. As Angel knocks the guy unconscious, Cary shouts to Wesley: "Soccer mom! Twelve o'clock!" Wesley turns just as a woman swings a Club at him. Er, not a cudgel. The Club. The car lock. Tee hee. Wesley punches her and takes the Club away. Another man smashes a bottle and approaches Fred as he says, again in Jasmine's voice: "You can't outrun my love. It has wings made of radio." Police sirens fade in as Fred kicks the broken bottle away and punches the guy. I don't think Fred should be punching people. I'm fine with her being good at fighting dirty, but knocking people out with a single punch is a bit questionable even when Gunn's doing it. Or is there some kind of glass-jaw syndrome endemic to Los Angeles? Gunn turns as a little girl rolls down her window to tell him (still à la Jasmine): "My love sings over the wires that bind this world." Gunn says that things are getting a little creepy, and I tend to agree. As a mechanic approaches, the MoG hop back into the car. For some reason, they left out the part where Wesley calls shotgun. Because he's always with the guns. You know? Never mind. Cary starts to mutter about getting snacks, and the mechanic leaps onto the car's hood as the Angelmobile pulls away. The mechanic is thrown off the car, and the Angelmobile hits the road, pursued by two police cars. The mechanic watches them leave and laughs with Jasmine's voice.

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