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"Funny" Strange, or "Funny" Ha-Ha?

Connor holds Cordelia's hand and stares at her as Jasmine enters. Connor shows Jasmine Cordy's bandaged wrist. Jasmine says, "I know. I saw it through you." She says she's horrified by what the MoG have done: "Her precious blood stolen for their black, deceitful, cowardly magic." Connor repeats his Standard Complaint #3 by sighing, "They're always using magic." Jasmine tells Connor, "I want to be alone with my mother." Connor nods and heads for the door. I keep noticing that he often doesn't look directly at Jasmine, and I wonder if he is de-thralled and sees the maggoty dummy-head, but then sometimes he does look at her, and then I get all confused.

The MoG enter a tunnel that's a lot bigger than usual, which makes it look like a spaceship. I start to imagine an Angel in Spaaaaaace show, and can just picture Whedon enthusiastically explaining to every available press outlet, "It's a vampire adventure epic horror soap opera show. In space! But definitely not a western!" and what with one thing and another ten minutes pass, and I have to rewind to see what I missed. Cary and Fred are trailing the group, and Cary asks if Fred's feeling gloomy because of Cordy. Fred glances down the tunnel at Angel and says she doesn't care what he says. Cary agrees, and says that Angel's been "a bit heartless lately." Lately? It's been, what, one night at most? He just beat his kid to a pulp so he could save the world, I think he can be a little grumpy for a day or so. From further down the tunnel, Angel loudly replies, "Hearts get in the way," and Cary chirps, "Hearing as good as ever, though, Boss!" Heh. As they march on, Angel says, "If we don't gut ourselves, burn out everything inside that gave her power over us, then we're lost." That's inspiring. Cary calls Angel "Dr. Pep," and Wesley interrupts to talk about missing Jasmine: "I miss the warmth, and the knowing what's right, and that you're doing it just by loving her." Doesn't that sound like the lead-in to a musical number? I half-expect him to belt out "If Loving You is Wrong." As they walk on, Fred talks about something. No one cares. Wesley reminds us that Jasmine didn't have a name when she arrived, since that'll be important later. Cary suggests, "Maybe it was embarrassing, like 'Hester' or 'Peanut.'" And suddenly the floor gives way under them. Angel falls into a pit, and Wesley clings to the edge. The cuts were so fast that I didn't notice it the first time, but the bottom of the pit is lined with wooden spikes, so Angel sort of catches himself on his hands to avoid a nasty dusting. Gunn hauls Wesley out, and Angel looks around in the pit as there are clanging noises nearby. I start grumbling that Angel could totally jump out of there. A kid suddenly stands by the pit, pointing a broomstick at him. No, still doesn't seem like a problem.

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