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"Funny" Strange, or "Funny" Ha-Ha?

After the ads, more kids pop out, armed with broomsticks with knives tied to the ends. The MoG are each facing off against a kid armed with some variation of broomstick weaponry. Angel grumbles at the kid guarding him for a minute, and finally says, "Gimmee that," and pops out of the pit. I can't decide if this is a joke about the "with one mighty leap" solution to cliffhangers or not. I want to believe it is. It would have helped if Angel had said, "Oh, gee, however will I get out? [boing]" On cue, the rest of the MoG attack their guards and quickly disarm them before Angel calls a halt. Angel grabs the kid who was ineffectively guarding him, who turns out to be a little boy. The angle on him from in the pit made me think he was older. Angel says that the kids aren't Jasmaniacs, noting, "They're not exactly fighting like a well-oiled, mind-controlled, army of love." Gunn's all pissy with the guy he tackled, and I think I've finally made sense of Gunn's character: when he's stressed and uncertain, he'll pick a fight about anything handy. Which is fine (well, it's not a fine way to behave, but it is a thing some people do), although I wish it hadn't taken nearly two years for them to figure out some consistent pattern of behavior for him. Angel calls Gunn off, and the leader of the gang of kids says, "Gunn? Charles Gunn." Gunn, who's also a little slow when he's grumpy, asks, "I say you could use my name?" without realizing that they weren't formally introduced. The kid retorts, "I say you could use my ride without payin' the piper?" Gunn finally recognizes the kid as "Tommy Golden's little brother, Randall!" He cheers up a little and introduces Randall as a kid who stole his car when Randall was twelve. The reunion is interrupted by a spooky "wiiiiiiiiiiirrrgh" noise in the distance. The littlest kid sighs, "It's back."

Connor walks down the hall and re-enters Cordelia's room. Jasmine is still sitting there, staring happily at the space where Cordy used to be. Whoops. Connor apologetically explains, "I'm sorry, I just couldn't be --" then he realizes that the bed is empty. Jasmine explains that if Cordelia "falls into hateful hands, the hate can spread." He asks where Cordy is, and Jasmine non-answers, "She's where I want her to be." She moves to Connor and strokes his hair, and I'm really starting to wonder if he's got Dawn's magnetic-hair power. Jasmine adds, "And so are you." She leads Connor out of the room, and are Vincent Kartheiser's lips are naturally that red, or is he's just very pale, or has he got some amazing lipstick? And if it's the last one, what brand is it?

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