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"Funny" Strange, or "Funny" Ha-Ha?

Jasmine's on the phone, telling someone to "drop by anytime." When she hangs up, Connor tells her that the cops lost the MoG, and begs for a chance to go find them himself. Jasmine reassures him, "Soon you'll go out with all of my strength behind you." She says that she was just talking to the governor, who is going to dissolve his administration that night. "The state now answers to me," she chuckles. Connor looks Something. Not thrilled, at least. His hair is also brushed back more than usual, so his forehead is large and scary. Is Jasmine turning him into Dawson? That shit ain't right. Jasmine blah blahs about freeing everyone from "the empty horror of their lives." But...that's why we have television! Blah blah grandiose plans blah, and we're back to the hair-stroking and hugs. Jasmine finally wonders about Connor's lack of enthusiasm. She says that Connor hasn't surrendered completely, and that he has to do that to belong. She tells him, "There's a part of you [that] you've kept from me. Your pain." Jasmine says that pain has been the only constant in his life, and takes his hand as she insists that he can't keep his pain to himself. She starts to dig her fingernails into Connor's hand, insisting, "I want it. I want everything you are. Connor, Father, let it go." Connor duhs, "Okay." Jasmine pulls her nails out of his flesh and then holds up her hand, revealing that she has identical wounds, which quickly fade away. Well, that was odd.

The MoG and Foundlings roam through the tunnel. Fred worries about the kids, but Angel says they just want something to fight, and he feels the same way. Cary twirls a hockey stick and says to Wesley, "I ever tell you [that] I suck at sports?" Matthew says they're at the place where Tommy was "taken," and Fred notices an odd smell. Angel says it's ammonia. Just to go all C.S.I. on you: in a damp, cool environment, decomposing flesh will form adipocere, which smells like ammonia. So that's a nice little disgusting detail, although you'd think Angel, of all people, would notice the other smells associated with what's going on. Suddenly, Randall is yanked up into a vertical tunnel. Angel immediately leaps up after him. I'm still waiting for the kids to ask about Angel's superpowers. Sounds of swordplay, and Randall suddenly falls down to the floor. Angel leaps back down, and turns to face Matthew in vamp-face. Matthew runs away. Guys, when you're dealing with semi-fearless vampire hunters, it's probably a good idea to mention that one of your members is actually a vampire himself. Angel half-heartedly chases Matthew, but he's a vampire with superpowers ("faster than ten fast men," in fact), and Matthew's a little human boy, so he gives it up as a lost cause. Then Fred screams as she's suddenly yanked back by a claw that reaches out through a grating. Cary pokes at the monster with his hockey stick, heh, and then Angel arrives and frees her. Holly helps Randall up as Angel sends Gunn and Fred after Matthew. Angel calls for Cary and Wesley. Cary answers, "Jawohl," and Wesley says nothing, because Wesley is gone. Gone! Gosh, that's....fabulous!

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