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"Funny" Strange, or "Funny" Ha-Ha?

Cut to Wesley, being thrown against a wall. He looks up at a super-cool demon. It looks like they modified the bug-legs from "Fredless," which makes me happy because that was a neat concept even if the giant bug itself looked dopey. And then on top of that (literally), this monster has a human torso with random protruding spiky hairs, and a ventral spine, and claws instead of hands, and it's just an excellent costume to the point that I'm bumping up the episode grade a little because I like it so much. Picture a cross between Jeff Goldblum in The Fly and Randy the Wonder-Lizard, whom you've probably never heard of, but my brother and I were just talking about him the other day, so it's a bonus joke for us. The demon leans in and gibbers, "We loved her first!"

After the ads, Angel tells Cary to take the Foundlings back to their camp while he tracks the monster. He turns, and suddenly the Foundlings are all pointing sharp things at him. Randall says, "Uh uh, Dracula. Not okay."

Wesley manfully agrees with the demon: "Fine. You loved her first!" The demon goes on about building temples before humanity existed. Then it makes a wailing creaky-door noise and moans, "But she came here!" Wesley realizes that the critter is talking about Jasmine. It hisses at her name and wheezes, "Name her! Filthy little mice! She is the Devourer, the song, the peace, the whole. And you try to name her!" It clicks and whirrs so much that I expect punchcards to pop out of its mouth. Something falls from the ceiling between them, and the closed captioning reads "[splat]." Hee. Then we see that the splat was caused by a little bloody hunk of something. The demon sighs that it has work to do, reminds Wesley once again about who loved Jasmine first, and leaves. Shouldn't it be killing Wesley right about now? Or imprisoning him in a viscous goo for later? Or at least sealing his mouth with viscous goo? Please? But no, the demon scampers across the room, and it looks like they've done a CGI rendering of stop-motion animation, which is odd. I'm not sure if it's intended to look like stop-motion, but even if it isn't, I prefer it to the way CGI movement is usually too smooth to read as natural. Anyhow, the demon seems to be constructing a big globby ball of stuff. At least some of the stuff appears to be bodies. Or parts of bodies. Since I can't resist calling it a Yuckyball, I kinda have to call the demon R. Yuckmeister Fouler. Yeah, I know, but it's not really a name that lends itself to puns. Anyway, I'm wondering how the bit of gristle fell way over by Wesley when the Yuckyball seems to be on the other side of the room. Or do I not want to know? Wesley stares at the Yuckyball and nervously asks, "How does your kind define 'love'?" The Yuckmeister answers, "The same as all bodies. The same as everywheres. Love is sacrifice." There's a neat Valentine's Day concept lurking in here somewhere.

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