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Faith, Dopes, and Asperity

Wesley drives back into Los Angeles while Faith changes clothes in the back seat. Where she got the clothes remains a mystery. I like to imagine that she said, "Okay, I'll save the world and help catch Angelus, but not in this outfit!" Wesley is finishing the mighty task of filling Faith in on all she missed. Like Connor. And Cordy spending her summer as "a divine being." Faith is a mite critical of the MoG for desouling Angel in order to fight Satan. I wonder if Wesley told her it was his idea. He non sequiturs that the police in Los Angeles are too busy to care about an escaped convict right now. Faith declines pointing out that they didn't exactly catch her last time, and instead says that she won't kill Angelus. She says, "Angel's the only one in my life who never gave up on me. There's no way I'm giving up on --" Wesley interrupts to say, "I know. That's why it had to be you." He suddenly stops the car and wonders if she's up to the challenge. He says that she might be rusty, and Faith calmly says, "Maybe I am." "Maybe we should find out," Wesley suggests, and just when I'm hoping Faith will demonstrate her skills by beating him up, she's dragged out of the car by a vampire.

While Faith faces off against two vamps, Wesley slams open the car door into a third. He fends the vamp off long enough to say, "She's the one you want." The third vamp looks at Faith and exclaims, "Slayer!" before running away. That guy might be the smartest vampire we've ever seen. Faith keeps beating up the vamps, Wesley tosses her a stake, poof, poof. He asks if it felt natural, and Faith tosses the stake back and quips, "Just like riding a biker."

Blipvert to the Hyperion. Connor practices fencing upstairs while Gunn strolls around with a crossbow. Cary sips a drink and assures them that the spell is working. Gunn says that he wants to be ready if Angelus comes back. Wesley enters with Faith and declares, "We are. Now." Fred comes out of the office as Wesley introduces Faith. From the stairs, a vexed Cordelia snaps, "What the hell is she doing here?" Faith smiles and says, "Nice to see you, too, Cor," with a wave. Cordy marches downstairs, and I think the all-black with the black coat is the best pregnancy camouflaging look they've come up with for her. Although I still think all of her coats would be less odd-looking if everyone else was wearing jackets, and maybe complaining that the lack of sunlight was making things chilly. Anyway, Cordy sneers, "So now you brought psycho-Slayer out of retirement to kill Angelus?" Faith says that Cordy is entitled to her feelings, but suggests saving it until after the Angelus problem is solved. Faith asks Gunn if he's a good fighter, and Gunn replies, "I hold my own." Faith says, "That's a shame. You're with me, Wes, and the kid." She instructs Gunn to carry the tranq gun, and says, "In case anyone has any other ideas, this is a salvage mission, not search-and-destroy." She got the title! How nice for her. Cordy looks angry, but Connor's even angrier. He complains about Faith ordering them around, and says he'll kill Angelus if he gets a chance. Faith says that "if Angelus needs puttin' down, [she'll] be the one to do it." Connor is weakened by the power of Faithitude, and Cordy watches him with concern.

A girl runs down a deserted street, pursued by a couple of vamps. She crashes into Angelus, who soothes, "It's all right now; I've got you." The other vamps hesitate, and the girl wonders how she can thank him. Angelus suggests, "Scream for me!" and vamps out. The girl obliges, and just as he's about to bite her. Angelus is distracted by hearing one of the vamps saying, "The Slayer? Are you sure?" The girl takes the opportunity to run away, causing me lose a little more respect for Angelus. Not that I had a lot, but he could at least hold on to her a little bit. He listens as the vampires discuss the fact that the Slayer is in town, and grins as much as he can with the fangs.

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