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After the ads, Angel finally gets around to fastening his shirt as Buffy asks him what he's doing. Angel explains that they were attacked, and that it isn't what Buffy thinks. Buffy says, "You actually think I can form a thought right now?" I'll leave that alone. She explains that Giles told her that Faith had tried to kill Angel. Angel says that's true, and Buffy responds, "So you decided to punish her with a severe cuddling?" Angel asks if Buffy came to punish Faith, and Buffy says she was worried about Angel. Faith, watching all this from the couch, finally says Buffy's name. Buffy gives her a look of death, and asks "You didn't think I was gonna find you, did you?" Angel asks Buffy if he can talk to her, and says that Faith needs help. Buffy snaps, "Do you have any idea what she did to me?" When Angel says that he does, Buffy asks, "Do you care?" Avoiding the question, Angel says that Faith wants to change. Faith approaches and manages to get as far as "I'm sor --" before Buffy interrupts, "If you apologize to me, I will beat you to death." Faith says, "Go ahead," which is not the response I was hoping for, but then Angel steps between them and tells Faith to go upstairs. Buffy snarls, "You think I'm gonna let her out of my sight?" Angel tells her to back off. Faith edges her way to the stairs, Buffy starts to move to block her, and Angel grabs Buffy's arm. And then Buffy slugs Angel. And tries to hit him again, but he grabs her fist and punches her. Buffy gives Angel a "How could you? I'm just a teeny little helpless girl!" look. Angel apologizes, but she just keeps staring at him. Faith waits at the top of the stairs as Wesley enters the office behind her. He asks if Angel is downstairs, and Faith says that he is.

At the Wolfram & Hart office, Lindsey and Lee look up as Leigh comes in and tells them, "Strike two." Lee summarizes, "The first assassin kills the second assassin, sent to kill the first assassin, who didn't assassinate anyone until we hired the second assassin to assassinate her?" Lindsey decides, "We're lawyers. It's a mistake for us to try to work outside the law." Lindsey declares that he'll handle it.

Angel tells Buffy that Faith won't run away. Buffy says, "Why would she, when she has her brave knight to protect her? Got you? Does she cry? Pouty lips, heaving bosom." Bosom? Buffy reminds Angel that he hit her, in case he forgot, and Angel gets a point by replying, "Not to get all schoolyard on you, but you hit me first. And in case you've forgotten, you're a little bit stronger than I am." Angel says that Buffy was going to drive Faith away, that Faith's at a "crucial stage," and the camera pans past a wall in case we want to pretend this is a radio show. Buffy says "She tried to kill you!" and Angel claims that the murder attempt was "just a cry for help." Buffy replies, "A cry for help is when you say 'help' in a loud voice." She repeats that Angel doesn't know what Faith did to her, because what Faith did to anyone else in the universe is unimportant, and Angel says, "You can't possibly know what she's going through." Buffy responds, "And you do? I'm sorry, I can't be in your club. I've never murdered anybody." Nyah, nyah, nyah. Shut up, Buffy.

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