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Sense & Sensitivity

Kate runs into her dad at the station. Her dad's also a cop, and about to retire. Kate mentions that she's been asked to speak at his retirement party. He tells her not to go to any trouble. The plaintive flute informs us that perhaps relations are strained between them, and we speculate that Kate may have become a cop to try and win her father's approval and, dare we say it, love. Yawn. Angel phones her from a pier, telling her he's found Little Tony's hideaway. He watches Little Tony himself, who is far from little, standing on the pier with some gunsels. Angel can see them clearly using a video camera with night-vision. At least he doesn't have some Batman night goggles or anything, so I can accept that. Kate says she's on the way, tells Angel to leave, and hangs up. Angel notices a boat heading for the pier and curses.

Little Tony instructs his companions to take care of his plants while he's gone. Suddenly Angel is standing next to them, wearing a bright red Hawaiian shirt and a white Panama hat. Which I guess he had in his car, just in case. "Hi!" squeaks Angel, introducing himself as Herb Sanders from Baltimore. One of the goodfellas tells Angel that he's in the wrong place, but Angel points to the approaching ship, asking, "That's not the boat to Catalina?" The goodfellas tell Angel to leave, so Angel makes with the senseless violence and knocks them down. "It was the hat, wasn't it? I knew the hat was too much," Angel says. Don't quip, Angel. Sirens, lights, cops. Kate jumps out of a car with her gun out and says, "Hi Tony." As Little Tony is loaded into a police car, Kate approaches Angel and starts yelling at him for getting involved instead of leaving as she asked. Angel says Little Tony was about to get away. Kate says, "So you decided to dress like a road flare and put my ass and yours on the line?" While Angel tries to think of a response to that, Kate gets into her car and drives off. Little Tony glares at Angel from the car. Two weeks from now, I'll bet Angel thinks of a really snappy comeback for Kate.

At the station, Little Tony leeringly tells Kate that if he'd known how bad she wanted him, he'd have let her catch him sooner. Kate responds, "If I'd known how badly you needed the exercise, I might have let you run a little longer." Ho hum, blipvert. Little Tony contacts the Evil Lawyers of Doom at Wolfram & Hart. The rather young-looking lawyer pulls out a fax with information about Kate on it and says he'll take care of the problem. Moments later, lawyer-boy submits a petition to have Little Tony moved to a different precinct "for his own safety." The lawyer mentions the "unknown assailant" they believe was working with Kate. Kate tells her lieutenant she doesn't know who the other person was. Little Tony says he saw Kate talking to him. Kate cleverly tries to change the subject, asking "Was that before or after you murdered Supervisor Caffrey, you fat piece of --" before the lawyer cuts her off. The lawyer threatens them some more, saying that the public will be given a view of "the brutality and callousness of this police force that will make Mark Fuhrman look like Gentle Ben." That's O.J. reference number four, if you're keeping score. Also: "Gentle Ben"? Memo to WB: Keep the pop culture references to shows that aired within your target audience's lifetime.

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