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Sense & Sensitivity

Cordy enters the office, asking what the emergency is and complaining about the late hour. She gripes, "Why I ever thought it was a nifty idea to work for a vam --" and then sees Kate curled up in a chair. "--triloquist!" Cordy finishes. Good save. I guess. Angel hands Kate a mug of something while Kate looks up at him. "You have the most intense eyes. I see such an old soul," she sighs. "He gets that a lot," notes Doyle, lurking in a corner of the room. Kate points at Angel and asks, "You don't have an insincere bone in your body, do you?" Angel asks Kate about the sensitivity training. Kate asks if Angel wants to go to one of the sessions, and hands him the memo about it. Angel steps out of the room while Doyle gives Cordy some background. Kate wanders over to Cordy and Doyle and says in that sing-song way, "Someone's got a cru-ush." Cordy insists that she and Doyle "just joke around." Kate says, "Where is the truth? He's hiding behind Mr. Humor!" Kate directs Cordy to look at Doyle, and suggests, "Maybe you should try to open your heart to a new possibility!" Doyle says, "She's starting to make some sense," while Cordy calls, "Angel!" in a panicked tone. Angel returns with Allen's address, and tells Cordy and Doyle to keep an eye on Kate.

Angel enters the ominous house of therapy and quickly finds the room with the spooky altar. The talking stick lays on an open book on the altar. "What's going on here?" asks Allen. Cordy asks Kate if they can get her "some coffee, or valium, or both?" Incidentally, Cordy is wearing a white cropped sweater, under which is some kind of sheer pink shirt, which is also cropped so that we can still see her belly button above her low-rise jeans. Ugh. "He walked out on me, he just walked out," moans Kate. Cordy reassures Kate that Angel will be back, but Kate says that she meant her father. Suddenly, Kate jumps up and declares that she needs to find her dad. Doyle suggests that Kate stay with them at the office. Kate rummages through her purse as she says, "We could do that, but see, I have this..." "Personal problem you're gonna share till dawn?" asks Cordy. "Gun!" Kate announces, waving it around triumphantly. "And I don't want to come off as insensitive, but if either one of you try and stop me [sic] I'll have to blow you the crap away, because I'm gonna find my dad." Exit Kate.

Angel asks Allen which demon he worships to get his power. "A whole bunch, actually. I'm a polytheist," says Allen. Angel turns to Allen, who says, "You have rage. I get that." Allen tells Angel that stuff about anger and fear, and asks, "What were you parents like?" and then clubs Angel with the talking stick. "My parents were great," says Angel, before getting his vamp-face on. The eyebrows are a bit better this time, although that could be because of the dim lighting. "Tasted a lot like chicken," Angel adds, grabbing Allen. Um. That's disturbing. I like it. The police station is in chaos as everyone gets in touch with their feelings. One cop shouts, "I'm having an epiphany!" Heh. Heath carries some keys through the room as he mutters, "It's not right, trapped together that way, with the bigger ones picking on the weaker ones." Heath enters the hall leading to the cells and repeats, "It's not right." He unlocks the cells and opens them. The prisoners, including Little Tony, walk out into the hall. Heath enters the holding area and tells them, "Remember this, brothers. An act of kindness is just as manly --" Heath is cut off when the former prisoners tackle him.

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