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Sense & Sensitivity

Little Tony and his two new friends enter the main office holding rifles, and most of the cops scramble to run away. Kate stands up as Little Tony tells her, "Nobody beats me baby, not even a stone bitch like you." "I am not a bitch!" cries Kate. Angel walks into the room and says, "I'm feeling some serious negative energy in this room." Little Tony smiles and says he wanted to see Angel again. Kate comments, "I'm sure he'd say the same thing, but that gun really makes you come off as hostile." Angel suggests that everyone sit down together to process this, patting a nearby chair. Little Tony says, "Seems that sensitivity training I paid for really took, huh Nancy boy?" Angel clobbers him with the chair and then throws it at one of the other prisoners, who falls over. Kate draws her gun and shoots the other prisoner. "How do you think that makes me feel?" she demands. Doyle knocks out the guy who was hit with the chair before he can get up, and picks up his gun. "Okay, now I'm feeling unheard," whines Angel, and punches Little Tony a few times. While Little Tony trembles in front of him, Angel says, "You can be a rainbow, and not a --" before clobbering him again. Little Tony falls to the floor, unconscious. Angel makes quote marks with his fingers and finishes, "Painbow." Hee. Kate looks at Angel and says, "You." Angel spins around, looks at her, and says, "No. You." They hug. "Anyone for vomit?" asks Cordy. Angel and Kate look at Little Tony sadly. "Some people really need to live in the problem," Kate observes.

Little Tony calls his lawyer and demands help. The lawyer tells him, "You shot up a precinct and attempted to murder a police officer in full view of witnesses." Little Tony complains that Wolfram & Hart set it up for him, but the lawyer says, "We opened a door for you. The point was for you to walk through it, not blast your way out." He adds, "We can't waste valuable energy on you when there are more pressing issues at hand." While Little Tony asks "What pressing issues?" the lawyer looks at some security camera footage of Angel at the police station. "Our relationship is terminated, as is this phone call," says the lawyer.

While the station is cleaned up, one cop says, "Morning" to the other. "Yeah, right," says the other cop, by way of confirming that everything's back to normal. Kate tells Angel that Internal Affairs thinks someone "spiked the punch" at the bar. Both Kate and Angel pretend not to remember last night's events very clearly. Angel starts to leave, but stops to lurk when Kate's dad comes in. Dad says he got her messages, and Kate begins apologizing. "No, don't say anything," her dad says. As the plaintive flute of estrangement toots, he says, "You make an idiot out of yourself, embarrass me in front of the guys, you don't bring that up ever again. Far as I'm concerned, it didn't happen." He leaves. Nice of him to come in and be horrible to her in person. Angel watches Kate sit down, and turns to walk away. Between Pacey and Kate, I'm starting to wonder if someone at the WB has an unhappy relationship with a policeman in their family. Or maybe they're all just using the same big book of clichéd characters. What do you think?

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