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Antihero In A Half-Shell

Oh hell, no, it doesn't end. Because Wesley joins Illyria at the window and says, "There's love. There's hope for some. There's hope that you'll find something worthy, that your life will lead you to some joy. That after everything, you can still be surprised." Illyria asks if that's enough to live on. And then the show ends. Okay, that last bit was painful, but still the....

Dammit, that's still not it. Because now there's the Montage of Terrible Wrongness. Starting with sad Gunn lying in his hospital bed, and we listen to the music of stabbing your friends in the back, metaphorically, or in the front, literally. Harmony sits at her desk. Cary sips a drink in his office. Spicule sulks on the lobby stairs. Hee. He's probably vexed because he just now realized that if he'd agreed to go to a different branch, he might have finally gotten his own office. Angel broods at his desk. Wesley packs up Fred's stuff. Including her fucking rabbit. I hate that rabbit. Illyria looks at her sarcophagus. And then we revisit that flashback of Fred heading off to school. She hugs her mom goodbye, gets into the station wagon, and drives off. Wanna hear something funny? At the end of the "Orpheus" commentary, during the scene where Faith is saying goodbye, Jeff Bell says, "I think this scene is the real hallmark of a Joss Whedon show -- it's the goodbyes and all the sentiment without anyone ever getting sentimental." Would that it were so. And then the show ends, really.

See you in a month. And yo: Wonderfalls airs this Friday on Fox. Minear's writing, and Pamie's recapping. What more do you need?

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