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Antihero In A Half-Shell

Angel and Spicule are jetting homeward. I am terribly disappointed to see that they are not surrounded by bags of tacky "Old Ones do it in the Deeper Well" t-shirts. You just know Drogyn has a souvenir stand somewhere in those caves. Spicule is about halfway through polishing off a dozen weenie little bottles of Jack Daniel's. That's what the puppets were drinking, too. Did Jack Daniels replace Apple as the show's corporate sponsor? Spicule complains that the tiny portions are keeping him from getting drunk, which...what? Angel broods quietly. Spicule reminds Angel that thousands of people would have died if they'd saved Fred, and says, "She wouldn't have wanted that." If Fred had been okay with the idea, would they have gone ahead with it? Angel says he tried to call Wesley, but nobody answered. Spicule sighs, "Guess she's gone, then," and goes back to bitching about the whisky. He holds up one bottle and says, "It's like, 'Here's what a bottle of Jack would look like, if you actually had one.'" Then he stretches his arm out and suggests, "Or 'Here's a drink, but it's very far away.'" Heh. Angel asks, "What does that mean?" and Spicule starts to explain his joke until Angel clarifies, "What does it mean that she's gone?" Is this the very special episode where they explain the concept of death to Angel? Is it going to be like that Andy Griffith Show episode with the bird? That would be awesome. Spicule really does start explaining that dead people go away and don't come back, but Angel interrupts, "Unless you're a vampire." Spicule says, "Or the ghost of one that saved the world." Angel adds, "Or Buffy." I add, "Or Darla." Angel figures that death isn't always the end: "Rules can be broken. All you have to do is push hard enough."

Cut to a bloody Knox, whose wrists are duct-taped together, slumped over in a chair in Gunn's office. Harmony confirms that Gunn is planning to torture Knox, and asks if she can help. Gunn isn't in the mood to share, but Harmony whines, "Fred's my friend! We went out for drinks all the...once." Wesley hurries in looking for Angel. Gunn says that Angel's on the way home, and asks how Fred is. Wesley is distracted by the sight of Knox until Harmony explains that they're getting ready for some torturing. Wesley says, "Good," and starts to turn away before processing that and asking, "Why?" Heh. Gunn says that Knox knows about what happened to Fred, and Wesley angrily asks, "Why didn't you tell me?" Er, they just did. I'm confused by the way they're playing Wesley's devastated grief for comedy. Assuming it's intentional. I guess I'm even more confused if it's not supposed to be funny. Knox pointedly repeats Wesley's question, and Gunn tells Knox to shut up. Wesley numbly says it doesn't matter anymore: "Fred's gone." Gunn stares, and Knox starts giggling and snorting, and I really liked that. It's cool to have someone snickering over a moment of emotional impact. Knox cheerfully asks Wesley to describe what happened, and Wesley obligingly explains that Illyria consumed Fred and possessed her body. Gunn desperately says, "Then it's still Fred, right? This thing is just controlling --" Wesley interrupts. "She's. Gone." Knox gibbers that he loved Fred, because everyone loved Fred. He vaguely insists, "She had a warmth that took you in and held you until everything cold and distant melted away." Say something specific! She liked tacos. She wore terrible outfits. She babbled. Anything. Knox says he chose Fred because she was "the most beautiful, perfect woman [he] ever met." Wesley promptly pulls out a gun and aims at Knox. Gunn insists that they need Knox alive, and his voice trembles as he says, "I know how you feel." Wesley gasps, "You didn't feel her die." He goes on about how much pain Fred was in, and how brave she was, and says, "She was better than anyone I've known. Better than...." Xander? Okay, that's an intriguing moment, although it's drowning in the the poignant speeches. Not to mention the piano. Wesley repeats, "She's gone." From the doorway, Angel says, "I know. Now let's get her back."

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