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Antihero In A Half-Shell

The MoG have regrouped in Angel's horrible penthouse. Angel and Spicule exposition about what they learned at the Deeper Well, and say they were too late to save Fred. Cary moans that he should have known what was up when Knox sang for him. "If I had concentrated harder, read him better, maybe Fred --" Angel insists that they can all have a guiltfest later, but Cary replies, "I got nothing. I'm sorry," and then wanders out. At this point, I'm pretty well convinced that Cary's limited screen presence is due to how expensive his makeup is. I get that they're trying to make everyone feel guilty for Fred's death and all, but it's not like this is the first time Cary's failed to identify a bad seed. Angel calls after Cary, but Spicule says, "If he's doubting himself, he won't be any good to us." Yeah, no need to worry about someone's feelings unless those feelings are useful to you. Wow, I didn't realize just how much I liked Cary until I got unreasonably angry at that line.

Gunn turns his back on the others as he notes, "We should have seen this coming." Angel grumbles that, according to Drogyn, Illyria's escape was "preordained." See my previous comments about destiny. Saying something was destined to happen doesn't make blame, or praise, irrelevant. I wish someone on the show would point that out. Gunn nervously says that, actually, it wasn't inevitable, and explains that the sarcophagus was stuck in Customs until "someone" got it out. It sounds like he's leading up to saying that this is his fault, because why else bring it up? But then Wesley says, "Who?" and Gunn looks at Wesley and hesitates before he finally says, "I'm working on it." I suspect that Gunn would have confessed if Wesley hadn't been there. Or if Wesley hadn't come very close to shooting Knox just a few minutes ago. I'm not sure, and it's not that I'm eager to make Gunn noble. It's more that I'm happy to see some complicated interpersonal dynamics again. So yeah, Gunn chickens out, and Wesley snarks, "Oh, you're working on it? Good for you, Charles, not a moment to lose." Angel tells Wesley to chill, because he needs everyone to help Fred. Wesley gruffs, "There is no Fred anymore." Gunn snaps that Wesley doesn't know that, and Wesley says, "I watched it gut her from the inside out." Because it's all about Wesley's pain. Angel insists that they can pop Fred's soul back in there, have her back good as new. I'm glad he's wrong just because I've got my own totally non-canonical theories about how souls function on this show, and if that worked, it'd ruin everything. Angel adds that once they've got Fred fixed up, "[they'll] make every son of a bitch who had a hand in this pay." The MoG give in to the cheerleading, and Angel says they need the big guns. Wesley says, "Willow." Spicule recalls that Willow is in South America. Angel says that they need to contain Illyria while they find Willow, and asks where Illyria might be headed.

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