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Antihero In A Half-Shell

Cut to Illyria smashing through the windows in Gunn's office, and yanking Knox out of the room. As Harmony runs over, she sees Illyria and gasps, "Fred?" Illyria smacks Harmony, who goes soaring across the lobby. Illyria stomps out, and Knox trails after her, sucking up as much as possible. He makes a good Renfield. Knox says, "I worship you!" Illyria smiles a little as she replies, "Yes, I know. Worship."

Commercials. You know, it would have been interesting if they'd made Knox seem more like dorky, prat-falling Wesley from Seasons 1 and 2. I mean, it'd have been annoying for me, personally, but that would have made Fred's interest in Knox a lot more painful for Wesley. And then he could have perked up this season, which would have made Fred's change of heart toward him a little less random, and then the shift back to psychotic Wesley would have been more shocking. As it is, there have been too many sudden shifts in everyone's feelings for me to understand anyone's behavior.

In the lab, Illyria is looking over her sarcophagus while Knox expositions. He says he's adored Illyria ever since he saw her "pressed between the pages of the forbidden text" when he was eleven. It seems like there should be a Harry Potter joke here. In the show, or in the recap. But they didn't make one, and I can't, so oh well. Illyria says, "You are the Qwa'Ha Xahn," which Knox helpfully translates when he replies, "I am your priest. I am your servant. I am your guide in this world." He also pulls up his shirt, revealing a nasty scar over his ribs, and a little skull-shaped object pressing up through his skin. I had to look pretty closely to realize it was a skull, which is a shame because that's neat. Knox explains that Illyria felt called to him because he placed her sacraments "close to [his] heart." Illyria prods at the little skull and then looks up at Knox to say, "My last Qwa'Ha Xahn was taller." Knox pulls his shirt down and defensively says, "I may be shrinking a bit in the glory of your presence." Heh. Illyria grumbles, "This world. It's not how I left it." Knox says he can't change that. Illyria says that she can, and whirls around while ripping off her shirt. Knox blinks and says, "Yeah...Okay!"

"Himalayas?" Angel says, in my favorite segue of the episode. He's on the phone, trying to track down Willow, while Wesley, Spicule, and Gunn sit in the peanut gallery. Angel continues, "Whaddya mean she's not on this plane? You just said -- astral projection? Well, is there any way to get her astral over to L.A.?" We finally learn that Angel's talking to Giles, and then Giles puts him on hold. Heh. The camera moves over to Gunn and Wesley, by the window, as Wesley sighs, "Never a witch around when you need one." Gunn stares outside as he nervously insists that it'll work out. Wesley tells Gunn, "I've been unreasonable because I've lost all reason." Ugh. He adds that he shouldn't have snapped at Gunn, and says those magic words: "I'm sorry." Gunn takes a shuddery breath and doesn't look at Wesley as he says, "So am I." Richards is awfully good throughout this episode. Meanwhile, Angel continues his phone conversation, and says, "Yeah, I'm still at Wolfram & Hart. What does that have to do with anything?" He finishes by saying, "Yeah. I understand," and then hangs up, smashes the cell phone into the wall, and calmly says, "We're on our own." Angel more desperately insists that nothing's changed: "We find Illyria and --" "Smack her a good one for me? " Harmony suggests as she enters. She points to a scrape on her cheek and complains, "So gonna leave a mark."

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