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Antihero In A Half-Shell

Illyria's all nekkid and holding a hand over the sarcophagus while the soundtrack goes "OooOOOoah!" Then she puts her hand on the sarcophagus and clothes start materializing on her skin. As a red and black patchwork catsuit envelops her, Knox watches appreciatively. When her makeover is complete, Illyria says, "I'm ready to begin." "Or we could just hang out," Angel suggests, as he, Spicule, and Wesley enter. Illyria eyes Angel and pegs him as a "warrior." Gunn arrives with a gang of Wolfram & Hart goons. I'm amused to note that Gunn stopped to put on his suit jacket on his way to the battle. Illyria eyes the competition and says, "Two half-breeds and a band of primitives." Angel adds, "And a whole lot of bullets." Wesley insists that there are enough bullets "to temporarily incapacitate even [Illyria]." What is he basing that on? Is it a thing about shells and gunshells or something? Or has Wesley convinced himself that the only problem with his dependence on firearms is that he doesn't have enough bullets handy? Is he going to start wearing bandoliers? Actually, I'd enjoy that. Angel tells Illyria that she should have stayed in the Deeper Well, and that she took something from them. He suggests, "Stand down, and I promise we won't destroy you takin' it back." Illyria responds by tossing Angel with enough force to send him flying through the windows separating the lab from Fred's office, through Fred's office, and through another set of windows to the outside. Nice pitch! Angel plummets toward the ground. Meanwhile, Gunn orders the goons to fire, but Illyria waves her arm at them, and they go in to super-duper-slo-mo. While everyone moves like molasses, Illyria grabs Knox and marches out past them.

Moments later, Illyria and Knox walk away from the building while, above them, Angel is still falling toward the earth. And then time speeds up again, and Angel falls the last few yards. It's like The Hudsucker Proxy! Well, slightly. Angel spits out some impressively gooey blood and stands up wearily.

Angel and Harmony arrive in the lobby. Harmony apologizes for not stopping Illyria earlier. Angel asks if Illyria threw Harmony out a window, and when she says no, grunts, "Then you're one up on me." The rest of the MoG arrive in the lobby, and Wesley reports that there's no trace of Illyria or Knox. Angel wonders how they escaped, and guesses that Illyria can teleport. Wesley disagrees, because there was "no characteristic displacement of the atmosphere around her." Right. Spicule reports seeing a blur, and Gunn says that it was as if Illyria were "pulling a Barry Allen." Off the others' blank looks, he tries again: "Jay Garrick? Wally -- like she was moving really fast." Wow, Gunn just might be geekier than I am. They conclude that Illyria can either speed herself up or slow everyone else down, which comes to the same thing. Angel tells Wesley to go through the lab looking for any more information about Illyria that might help them. Harmony offers to tag along: "I got a degree in tearing things up!" The others pedeconference as Gunn offers to try some of his contacts, and Angel suggests that he and Spicule try to figure out where Illyria is now.

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