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Antihero In A Half-Shell

In Angel's office, Spicule asks how exactly they're going to track Illyria. Angel insists, "We just do it," and pulls a dagger off the wall. Spicule reports that even when Illyria was in front of him, "there was no scent. Nothing. It's like she wasn't even there." Angel gloomily says, "I know." Spicule starts to suggest that they may need to give up on the idea of getting Fred back. Angel interrupts, "No. I lost Cordelia because some thing violated her. Crawled inside. Used her up. No way in hell am I letting that happen again."

Harmony is demonstrating her "smashing stuff" skills in the lab, prying a cabinet open with a crowbar. Why is there a crowbar in the lab? I guess Harmony could have brought it, but it seems like, if it was hers, it'd be pink. Wesley is running his hand over the sarcophagus. He pontificates, "She was curious. That's why Fred didn't put it into containment immediately." He goes on muttering about that for a while, and finally concludes, "She was just curious. I think I hate her a little for that." Well, it's sort of like emotional complexity, so I'll take it. But I wonder if Wesley's realized that Fred's insatiable curiosity may be what led to her interest in him. Because there doesn't seem to be any other reason for it. Wesley asks Harmony for the crowbar, and Harmony brings it over, saying, "The girl of your dreams loved you. That's more than most people ever get." Ugh. The girl of his dreams dated him for a week or two! Or did six months pass between episodes without anyone's telling me? Wesley takes the crowbar and says, "I know, but it isn't enough," and starts smashing the holy hell (so to speak) out of the sarcophagus. Harmony yells at him to stop, and tells him that getting his rage on isn't helping. Wesley disagrees, and picks up a gem that he's broken free of the sarcophagus lid. Harmony says she thought the sarcophagus was unbreakable, but Wesley says that the markings on it "refer to a series of concussively timed intervals." He says that the gem may still retain some of the sarcophagus's power. Harmony reports that she's found Knox's cell phone and his cheese sandwich. She notes that the phone has "a Rick Springfield screensaver, which opens up a whole new set of questions." Wesley takes the phone and reports that the lists of outgoing and incoming phone numbers have been deleted. Harmony suggests checking for missed calls, and this isn't a bad bit, but it is a little weird for this show. After all their magic books and spells, they wind up checking numbers on a cell phone. I don't know, I kind of like it, just because it's disconcerting. Sure enough, Wesley finds three calls from the same person within the past few hours.

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