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Antihero In A Half-Shell

Cut to Dr. Sparrow cleaning the gore off some surgical instruments. He reminds himself how much he hates the sight of blood, and is probably about to mention how much he loves describing his personality to himself when Gunn interrupts, saying, "Then this is gonna be an uncomfortable conversation." Sparrow makes fun of Gunn for taking so long to come visit, and asks how Fred is. Gunn shoves Sparrow into a chair and demands information about Illyria. Sparrow starts yammering about the Deeper Well, and an unimpressed Gunn gives Sparrow a punch for good measure. Then Gunn yanks Sparrow around by the collar and shouts, "How do you bring Fred back? How?" Sparrow says it can't be done, and explains that he was just involved in working the deal with Gunn to get the sarcophagus out of Customs. Gunn begs, "Then take it back! Everything you put in my head, the law, all the knowledge -- take it back." His voice starts shaking as he continues, "Take more: leave me a vegetable. I don't care, just bring her back. Please...bring her back." Aw, poor Gunn. I buy him acting a bit crazy because he's got the guilt thing, which means his behavior isn't solely motivated by his adoration of Fred. Sparrow almost regretfully reports, "Miss Burkle's soul was consumed by the fires of resurrection. Everything she was is gone, forever." A shocked Gunn releases Sparrow, who advises him to learn to live with the deal he made. Sparrow heads for the door, and is promptly knocked out by Wesley, holding a shotgun. Wesley aims the shotgun at Gunn and asks, "Is there something you'd like to tell me, Charles?"

Commercials. Johanna asks why Spicule was breathing so heavily in his last scene with Angel, when he was talking about Fred. She says, "He was panting!" I suggest that maybe he's a vampire with a soul and a mild case of asthma.

When we return, Wesley explains that he found out Knox was working with Sparrow. Gunn nods quickly and tries to claim that one of his sources told him the same thing. Wesley tells Gunn not to bother, and asks if what Sparrow said about Fred's soul's being annihilated is true. How would Gunn know? Gunn tries to explain: "I was losing it, everything they put in my head, everything that made me different, special. And he could fix it, make it permanent, so I signed a piece of paper. It was a Customs release form. I didn't think anyone would get hurt." I like this shot, with Gunn on the left half of the screen, and on the right side there's just the gun pointed at him in the foreground. Wesley hisses that nothing from Wolfram & Hart is free, except for the stuff Wesley gets. Gunn says he couldn't go back to being the muscle, and rather damningly adds, "I didn't think it would be one of us. I didn't think it would be Fred." Wesley says he can understand not wanting to go back: "Not wanting to be who we were. I understand it. And I can forgive it." Gunn looks a little surprised at that. Wesley walks over to the table of instruments as he adds, "But you knew what was happening to her. You knew who was responsible and you didn't say anything. You let her die." Well, Gunn didn't know that until Knox told him, which was pretty close to the end. I guess Wesley may think Gunn knew all along, from their conversation here, so okay. Wesley snatches up a scalpel or something and quickly spins and drives it into Gunn's abdomen. Gunn looks dully shocked as Wesley adds, "I'm less forgiving about that."

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