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Angel vs. Pretty Much Everyone

Huge props to Shack for the kick-ass job he did last week. Assume that whenever I mention Fred, you can just insert this: "Because Fred can do anything! Except shut up."

Previously on Angel, Angel was "Mr. Dad," Lilah swiped the baby's blood, Cordy and Groo went on vacation, Wesley went 'round the bend, and a hamburger talked. Hee.

We open with "The father will kill the son" filling the screen. A scruffy Wesley looks up from his desk at the bassinet. The baby gurgles. Wesley walks over, looking crazed. "Why! Is there a baby! On this show?" he screams, driven mad by the randomness of it all. Whoops -- that was me. Angel suddenly appears and instructs Wesley, "Pick 'em up when they fuss." Angel sets down his obligatory glass of blood and picks up the kid. The office is somewhat rubble-ized from the earthquake, and there are papers dangling from the walls. The earthquake knocked thumbtacks out of the wall? And yet the dartboard is fine. Angel observes that Wesley looks like hell: "And not the fun one where they burn you with hot pokers for all eternity, but the hard-core one. Y'know, Nixon and Britney Spears." Wesley notes that Angel is "chipper." Is everybody done describing everyone else's emotional state? Angel says he could "drink a horse," and picks up his glass of blood. Wesley talks about the earthquake damage and mentions that they don't have insurance because they're idiots. Angel isn't worried about it, because he can just move into a different room that wasn't consumed by a fireball and doesn't have a broken gas line. That is some amazingly localized damage. We hear some folk-rock stylings from nearby, and Wesley says that Cary is "seeing a client" in the courtyard. Angel takes the brat to go see.

Except that Cary and his visitor are outside, so Angel just lurks in the doorway and watches as a blonde strums a guitar and croons. The baby starts to fuss, so Angel takes him to look at the weapons cabinet. I don't know either. Suddenly Angel turns and tells Wesley that they have to start baby-proofing the hotel. He hands the baby to an uncomfortable Wesley and reassures the kid, "He loves you bunches! He's just...English." Fred descends the stairs, talking on the phone about how great Texas is. She insists, "Texas doesn't hate the black man! Texas loves the black man." I think I'd prefer hearing Gunn's side of this conversation. Just because imagining him saying "Texas hates the black man" makes me chuckle for some inexplicable reason. Fred asks what California has to offer, and Gunn enters from outside, phone in hand, enthusing about the climate and so on. They go on with the lovey-dovey bickering as they approach each other and finally hang up the phones. Wesley snarks about "using the company phones for such important calls," and Gunn offers to pay for the call. Angel suddenly declares that they should put a chain and padlock on the weapons cabinet to keep the baby out. Because they'll never need to open it in a hurry. Wouldn't a latch be sufficient? Angel reclaims his son while Wesley says that he'd like to take the kid "to the park or beach -- just the two of us." Angel agrees, and then Cary enters and asks them to come take a look at something.

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