Slouching Toward Bethlehem

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Fred and Gunn wonder where Cordelia could be. Angel returns from somewhere and announces that he didn't find anything; he suggests trying hospitals and police stations. He insists, "She couldn't have just disappeared! Okay, once, but not again." Heh. Angel says that someone must know where Cordy is. "I do," says Wesley. "Shut up, Wesley," I shout. I really do. Every time I see him. Wesley makes a snide remark about how careless it is of the MoG to lose Cordelia so soon after finding her. Angel quickly explains that she just reappeared, and that she's lost her memory. Wesley sniffs, "A fresh start. Doesn't sound so bad." Gunn and I glare at Wesley. Wesley says that Cordy's with Connor, and that Wolfram & Hart are after her in the hopes of getting information about The Powers That Be. Angel asks significantly, "You have that on good authority?" Wesley doesn't really answer, but wonders why Angel isn't more worried about Connor. Angel cheerily says, "He's my son. I'm sure he's taking excellent care of her."

We have the set-up,'s the punchline. Cordy's asleep. Connor's curled up next to her. She rolls over, and Connor's hand falls onto her breast. Cordy's eyes open wide. I just roll mine. Doesn't this joke belong on Firefly? Suddenly, Connor sits up and covers Cordy's mouth with his hand. He whispers, "Someone's here." Sure enough, the door opens and another ninja enters the room. The ninja walks in, steps into a trip-wire, and is suddenly hanging upside down from a snare. He's not a very good ninja. Connor runs over and slams a two-by-four into the ninja a few times. Hey, it's a homemade piñata! Connor asks Cordy if she remembers how to fight, adding, "They're coming!" He hands Cordy a sword as another ninja crashes through the window. Cordy strikes an action pose as we go to commercial.

Cordy and Connor make with the swordplay while the ninja are also dodging the various traps Connor has rigged. While they're distracted, one ninja sticks one of those wondrous spy-cams on a wall.

On top of a building, Lilah watches the action with a little portable monitor and smirks.

More fighting. Nifty. Connor and Cordy both seem good at the defensive stuff, but I don't think they're actually killing anyone. Connor takes a nasty knee-clubbing and goes down, and Cordy is also overwhelmed. They're dragged toward the door, which bursts open as Angel continues his ongoing battle against closed entrances. Angel immediately kicks a ninja and grabs Cordy while Gunn joins the fray.

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