Slouching Toward Bethlehem

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Lilah grins and says, "Aren't you the stud?" as she watches. A ninja tells her, "It's done," and Lilah shuts the monitor off. She says, "I'm going home. Tell the boys it's fourth and ten." She leaves as the ninja speaks into a microphone, "All units, punt. I repeat, punt." Uh oh. This is one of those sports things, isn't it?

Back at Connor's, Angel and Gunn stop fighting as the ninjas abruptly give up and run for the door. Gunn calls the ninja "monkey-boys" and makes another defensive "sidekick" joke. Connor explains, "I didn't expect so many." Angel thanks him for protecting Cordy, and looks around the room as he hesitantly says, "I really like what you've, um, done with the...nice." I bet that Connor goes in search of an even more run-down place tomorrow, in the hopes that Angel won't approve. Angel offers to take Cordy home, but Cordy wants to stay with Connor. Angel doesn't like that. He admits, "Connor's a great fighter. I helped train him. For one afternoon. I guess that, technically, his adoptive father, who his mother and I slaughtered, did most of the work." Or something like that. Cordy insists, "I need someone who won't lie to me like you did." Whoops. She says that she knows that the MoG meant well, but Connor's the only one who told her the truth. Connor walks over to stand beside Cordy, and summons untold reserves of self-control to keep from making "Nyah, nyah" faces at Angel. The MoG look sad, and leave.

Wesley strolls around his bedroom with a drink, possibly planning some more home decorating innovations. "There's room for an iron maiden in this corner," he thinks. He looks down at the floor, and spots the paper that fell when Lilah left. It's his autographed dollar.

The MoG return to the Hyperion. Angel admits that maybe they should have been honest with Cordelia from the beginning. Gunn and Fred try to reassure him, and drop the C-word before a noise interrupts them. Weapons at the ready, they approach the office.

Cary! He's tied to a chair, gagged, and looks unconscious. I suddenly realize how much I like Cary, because I feel bad for him. As Fred removes the gag, we get a close-up of a little wound on his forehead. Cary starts to wake up as they untie him and begin pelting him with questions. Cary gets as far as "Wuh --" and Gunn asks, "Wesley? Not again!" Ha! Cary shakes his head and Angel guesses, "Wolfram & Hart?" I wish they'd done some kind of A Fish Called Wanda thing here with charades. Oh well. Angel realizes that Wolfram & Hart were trying to find out what Cary saw when Cordy sang. Gunn asks whether the attack at Connor's was a distraction, and Angel grumps, "And we fell for it like a bunch of rookies." Yeah, but what else is new? Cary gasps, "They had a demon. I wouldn't talk. The thing burrowed inside and took Cordy out." Ew. Gunn blames Wesley: "He's the one who showed up with the hot tip about Junior. How do we know he's not the one playin' us?" Angel isn't sure, but he sums thing up by nothing that Wolfram & Hart know more about what's going to happen than they do. Just in time for sweeps! And they'll probably tell TV Guide! Gasp!

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