Slouching Toward Bethlehem

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Yeats Is Enough

Connor lands on one of the Hyperion's balconies and quickly enters the building. He sneaks down the hall and peaks into the lobby just in time to catch the final minute of last week's episode.

Cue Cordy's "Who are you people?" Angel rushes toward Cordy exclaiming, "You're back!" Cordy backs away, frightened. Angel puts the pieces together and realizes that when Cordy asked who they were, it implied that she didn't remember them. He turns and asks Gunn and Fred, "You see her, too, right? I'm not just --?" Heh. It's just like that time with Darla. He's gonna develop a complex! Gunn reassures Angel. Cordy maintains her deer-in-the-headlights expression and finally asks, "So we know each other?" Angel says yes. Cordy has another question: "Who am I?" Credits.

When we return, Angel tries to remind Cordelia who she is, and who her friends are. Connor is still lurking upstairs, and Cordy looks up just in time to not-quite-see him duck behind a corner. Fred tells Cordy, "I think you might have some kind of amnesia." Fred's thing is that she's smart, right? Are we sure about that? Gunn suggests taking Cordy to a hospital, but Cordy isn't keen on that idea. Fred agrees, "I don't think seeing a doctor will solve her problems." Angel spots Cary approaching through the courtyard and hisses, "Neither will seeing green!" What the hell is Cary doing outside? He went in ahead of them last week. Or is there a bathroom in another wing that's closer to the courtyard? Does that even make sense? And I thought the layout of their old place was confusing. Angel quickly says that seeing some of her old possessions might jog Cordy's memory, and shoves Gunn toward the door while suggesting that he look for some of her stuff out in the garden. Gunn catches on and hurries out. There's a funny shot of Gunn shoving Cary away from the door in the background while Cordy stares curiously at Angel. Angel asks Fred to help him look in the office, and Cordy is left alone in the lobby.

While pretending to search, Fred quietly points out that Cordy's bound to notice their unusual lifestyle soon. Angel explains, "I want her to remember who I am before I freak her out with the whole 'undead, drinks blood' part of my résumé." Fred asks whether Angel is curious about why Cordy's back. Angel boggles and says, "I hadn't even -- I was just so happy to see her. Why is she back?" Fred doesn't know. Angel and Fred turn to look out at Cordy, who's staring back at them. They wave a little.

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