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A young woman races down a dark, deserted street, hoping to escape her unseen pursuer. It's only been five seconds and I'm bored already. As she runs, there are a few new twists on the trusty blipvert: We see the scene in negative briefly, and the shot blurs and refocuses occasionally. Style choice, or drunken cameraman? You decide. Anyway, she looks behind her as she runs and naturally that's when she runs smack into the mysterious person she was trying to escape. The baddie has a sharp little metal talon on his index finger, the sort you can get in certain specialty shops that sell a lot of latex garb. We see him in silhouette as he vamps out. He scratches her cheek with the talon and then bites he neck. He sucks for a few seconds, which doesn't seem long enough to gobble up eight pints of blood, and drops her to the ground. The killer finally looks up as sirens approach. It's Angel. Suddenly Angel sits up in his bed, the sirens still wailing outside. Cut to Lockley arriving at the scene of the crime. She turns the head of the dead girl and sees the cross scratched into her cheek. "It's the same guy," she says. "This makes three. He's just getting started." Play that funky cello, white boy. Yup, Wesley's in the credits now.

Cordy says, with lots of dramatic pauses, "It's the city of dreams. A mystical oasis. Willed. From a desert. But even sunny, blonde L.A. has its trashy, dark roots, and you [sic] learned that the hard way, haven't you?" As Cordy stands up and walks to the front of the desk, we see that she's talking to an empty chair. "You've taken your problem to the police; they can't help you, so you've come to us," she says. Wesley enters and says, "I think it's about to speak." Cordy responds, "Nobody likes a smart-ass rogue demon hunter." And nobody likes Wesley, ever. I have no major complaints about Cordelia's outfit -- green turtleneck, flowered skirt, and jacket. Wesley says he dropped in to compare "battle plans from our respective fronts." Cordy says she thought he worked alone, so Wesley talks about having a "free exchange of intelligence." Wesley, Cordelia, and Angel couldn't muster up enough intelligence together to solve the jumble, so I can't see any of them having a surplus they could use in trade. Wesley continues, "Also, I brought in your mail and newspaper." He hands over the items to Cordy. She asks what news Wesley has on the demon front. "Everything seems quiet," he offers, and then asks if she has anything to share. Cordy says, "I've been giving the hard sell to an empty chair; what do you think?" Wesley gives a brief summary of their battle with the empathy demon for viewers who missed it. He begins touting his deductive skills when Cordy points out, "This isn't our mail." Turns out it should go to the dentist's office next door. A dentist. Next door to a vampire. Get it?

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