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Angel stares down at the city from one of his rooftop perches. Cordy comes out wearing some kind of crazy fringed hooded poncho. She tells Angel, "If you're wondering why this vein on my temple is doing the cha-cha, it's because I just had one of those bone-crunching, mind-splitting, vision headaches." She hands a piece of paper to Angel and says, "New job." Angel finally says, "I was just thinking about how much this place is like where I grew up." Cordelia agrees, "I could see that, except for the cars, and the buildings, and the, you know, everything else." Angel insists, "It's not so different. People moving through their lives. I wonder if anything ever really changes." Cordy reassures him in semi-coherent fashion (which also describes her wardrobe, come to think of it), "Sure it does. They do. You have. They were just dreams, Angel. They weren't even your dreams. They didn't mean anything." Angel whispers, "But I enjoyed it." Cordy responds, "It'd probably be okay if you never mentioned that part, ever again." When Angel says, "It's in me, Cordelia," she answers, "But it's not the only thing that's in you. You're not him, Angel. Not anymore. The name I got in my vision -- the message didn't come for Angelus, it came for you, Angel. And you have to trust that whoever the Powers That, they know the difference." Cordy concludes, "People really do change." Angel agrees, "Yes, they do. And sometimes, they change back." Only when they get a little slayer-nookie. Angel, determined to be depressing, says, "If the day ever comes that I --" Cordy finishes the thought, "Oh, I'll kill you dead." Angel offers her an insincere, "Thanks." "What are friends for?" asks Cordy. Considering what a problem Angel was for the Scooby Gang last time he went bad, I'm not sure why Cordelia is so confident she could deal with it.

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