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Wesley looks at the paper and something on the front page captures his interest. Upon hearing the approaching elevator, Wesley says he should return the mail to the dentist and makes a hasty exit. Angel groggily wanders in and serves himself a nice cup of coffee dregs. Cordy asks, "You remember that license plate we got on that runaway case?" She explains that she couldn't get any information from the "stalker-phobic" DMV and suddenly interrupts herself to say, "Wow, you look half dead. Which, for someone who's completely dead, would be kinda neat." Cordy gives the license plate number to Angel, and asks him to see whether Kate could track it down for them. I was totally expecting Angel just to look it up online, since he can find out everything else that way. Cordy asks Angel if he's okay, and he insists that he's fine and that he'll go talk to Kate immediately. As he heads for the door, Cordy tries to stop him, but Angel snaps, "Look, I'm fine, Cordelia, all right?" He opens the door, starts to walk out into the sunlight, and jumps back inside. Cordy almost grins. "I'll take the tunnels," Angel says, and leaves. Cordy gets up to shut the door again, and we pan over to see Wesley lurking in the atrium. He sneaks out to catch a ride on a passing blipvert.

A policeman teleports across a street. Or maybe it was just another pointless cut. Inside the police station, Kate agrees to look up the license plate for Angel. Couldn't this have been handled over the phone? Kate segues, "To be honest, I wouldn't mind getting my head out of this case." She describes the victims to Angel: Reggie Sparks, a volunteer crossing guard; Jinny Markem, a tenth grader; and Jessica Halpren, a waitress. An officer drops the crime scene photos off for Kate, and Angel stares at the pictures of the girl from his dream. Kate tells him, "I spent the last forty-eight hours putting together a suspect profile." Uh, did you revise it since this morning? Because I'd think that the appearance of a third victim might provide some new data. She goes on, "The tabloids are calling him the Pope. Probably thinks he's doing God's work." Because God hates crossing guards. Angel says, "No. Just the opposite. This is about mocking God." Kate stares at him until he adds, "That's my guess." A policewoman tells Kate, "They're ready for you now," and Angel exits.

Tonight on Profiler...wait, no, it's just an incredible simulation. Kate, the twentysomething LAPD detective, must have been reading some Ann Rule books in her spare time, because she starts rattling off her profile of the killer. She tells the assembled detectives, "Our suspect will be a white male. To the observer, he will not seem a monster. His victims put up little or no struggle, so it's likely [that] he's charming, [and] attractive, but at his core, he's a loner." Which reminds me, I haven't made any hostile comments about my ex lately. Intercut with all of this nonsense are shots of Angel roaming the streets. At night. Even though it was pretty clearly daytime when he was at the police station mere moments ago. Kate continues with her pop-abnormal-psychology monologue: "Possibly a dual personality, who, once the crime has been committed, retains no memory of the act. He will not view his victims as subhuman; rather, it's himself he sees as something other than human -- more than human, a superior species." So our killer is a replicant? "It's unlikely he'll be married, though he may have recently come off a long-term relationship that ended badly. We look for a precipitating event in cases such as this, and a painful break-up is always at the top of our list. Prior to failing, this relationship may have marked an inactive period in our suspect's life. He would have regarded it as a lifeline. His salvation." Angel sees a blonde at a hotdog stand. She turns. Surprisingly, it is not Buffy. Wow, they sure had me fooled. "But once ended, [it] resulted in his recidivism. What is not in question is his experience. He's been doing this for a very long time, and he will do it again."

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