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Wesley stammers, "All right, we're listening." Angel pushes him away and explains, "I have no memory of doing any of these things." Cordy says, "Not exactly the confidence-inspiring denial I was looking for." Back to his dull, mopey self, Angel tells them, "I've been having dreams. Killing dreams. Always the same. I stalk them. Toy with them. Mark them while they're still alive -- before they can die from the fear I feed on them." "Die from the fear"? Cordy says, "Okay, so you've been having nightmares. It doesn't mean --" Angel interrupts, "They're not nightmares. I've enjoyed them." Wesley theorizes that Angel is sleepwalking, enacting his dreams, in the early hours before dawn. "There's only one way to be sure," Angel says.

Wesley and Cordy chain Angel to his bed frame. There's an unusual amount of S&M content this week. Cordy says, "Maybe you are just committing these horrible crimes in your dreams. But even so, I don't want to stick around for your nocturnal commissions." Heh. She leaves. A Puritan lass runs down the dark, deserted streets. Oh, wait, they're actually not deserted at all. She passes two carriages and some other pedestrians, and decides she'd be safer in an even darker locked courtyard with no people in it. If vampires are weeding out people who are this stupid, I really have no complaint against them. She pounds on the locked door. A shadowy figure pulls her to face him. Again, the little talon comes out. The tape goes negative while he scratches the cross in her cheek, then back to normal as he sinks his teeth into her throat. She falls to the ground. We hear Angel say, "There now, isn't that better?" in his faux-Irish accent. A quick shot of him with scraggly long hair and period clothes gives me a fit of the giggles as we cut back to Angel waking up in bed. "Wakey wakey!" chirps Cordelia. "Great news, sports fans! There's been another killing!" She shows the newspaper to Wesley. "Okay, well, maybe not-so-great news for the, you know, dead person, but at least now we know that Mr. I'm-So-Tortured didn't do it." "Yes, I did," says Angel from the bed. They all stare at each other.

Again we see the period Angelus say, "There now, isn't that better?" No, I'm afraid your accent and hair are still pretty awful, dude. Another blonde vamp pops up, blood on his mouth, and agrees. The new guy morphs back to his human face while Angelus provides color commentary. "First kill. Aptly done." Blondie notes, "Strange, she was my sister. "Ah, yet you feel nothing?" Blondie answers, "No. I feel hungry." "Ah, you do learn quickly," says Angelus. He says "ah" a lot, doesn't he? "My father would disagree," says Blondie. Angelus says it again! "Ah. Then perhaps it's time you shared with him just what a fine student you've become." Blondie is delighted. "My father. Yes." Angelus interrupts to say "Ahhhh." Blondie continues, "They'll all be sitting down to dinner now." Without your sister? Angelus clasps the blonde and says, "A feast! Excellent. When they invite you in, savor it, Penn. You'll not recapture the moment. Family blood is always the sweetest." Thank God they finally mentioned his name. Dance music blares as the modern-day Penn adds the news story about the latest killing to the collection of clippings taped up to the wall. He's got glasses now, and a goatee, and a freaky hairdo, short on the sides and long and over-gelled on top. Is there some sort of rule that vampires have to have goofy hair? Is that why Spike keeps his hair laminated to his skull?

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