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Kate wanders the moody decrepit building. She whirls and aims her gun at Penn, who is descending a staircase toward her. "Don't move! Do not move! I will fire!" she shouts. Penn keeps moving. She fires three shots, and Penn collapses. She moves forward slowly, keeping her gun aimed, and checks his pulse. As she pulls out her police radio, Penn grabs her and throws her across the room. Suddenly Angel falls from the ceiling in a pile of bricks and blipverts. Penn stares at him and says, "Angelus. My God, it's been a lifetime." "At least," Angel growls. Penn, all bright-eyed and happy, says, "We were to meet in Italy, remember?" When Angel admits that he does, Penn whines, "Well, I waited. Hell, I waited 'til the nineteenth century. What happened?" While Kate takes her own sweet time struggling toward her radio, Angel explains that he got held up in Romania. "What's in Romania?" asks Penn. "Gypsies," Angel answers. Penn notices Kate requesting backup (sure, now she thinks of that) and claps Angel on the shoulder, saying, "Join me for a drink." "That's not why I'm here," Angel says. When Penn asks why Angel is there, Angel vamps out and says, "To kill you." A fight ensues. From what I can see, there's probably some nice stunt work going on, but since they're in a dark, dusty set, it's really hard to tell for sure. Eventually Angel throws Penn through a wall and shouts at Kate to get out. Penn jumps back in and demands, "You know its name? Angelus, what's happened to you?" Angel insists, "People change." More punches are exchanged while Penn notes, "We're not people." Kate starts to aim her gun at the pair of them, but Penn suddenly throws Angel onto her and makes his escape. As Angel picks himself up, Kate stares at him, probably wondering why on earth his eyebrows look so dumb.

When we come back from the commercials, crime-scene photographers are busy at work. Kate tells Angel, who's ditched his vampy look, "I shot him three times. I know I did. Then he got up." Angel moves toward her, and Kate instantly draws her gun and points it at his chest. "If I pull this trigger, are you going to get up, too? What are you?" "You already know the answer, Kate," Angel says. He's the Man Too Boring To Die, that's what he is. Kate holsters her weapon as Angel says, "Details have been left out of the press reports. There's something you've held back. Isn't that right?" No! Say it isn't so! Why, the police usually give the press every little detail about an unsolved crime, because that makes their work so much easier! If my eyes don't stop rolling, I'm going to need Dramamine. Angel goes to on to describe the puncture wounds on the victims, and guesses, "The victims have all been drained of their blood, haven't they?" Angel says that Kate won't be able to stop the killer this way. "It's going to take direct sunlight, decapitation, or a stake through the heart." Kate starts to leave, insisting that she doesn't believe any of this. Angel decides to try condescension: "I know you don't. Even after what you saw, you won't let yourself. Which is why you'll lose." When Kate says that she's heard enough, Angel grabs the cross hanging around her neck and, as his flesh sizzles, says, "You haven't heard a word. And you won't. Not now, not yet. Because there are some things in this world [that] you're just not ready to face." Having freaked her out sufficiently for the night, he leaves.

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