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Dawn arrives. Kate studies the crime-scene photos. Someone brings her a pile of folders, saying, "Here's everything with that MO." Asked if she thinks that the killer is a copycat, Kate responds, "Something like that," and begins sorting through the papers.

At Angel's office, Cordelia is saying, "So you've discovered the seamy underbelly of the candy-coated America, have you? Well, you've come to the right place. Here at Angel Investigations, we won't judge, but we will charge. Now, if you'll only tell me how you heard of us?" Penn tells her, "From the police, actually." Penn strolls about the office as Cordelia eyes his dark jacket, draped over the chair. "Is it cold out there?" she asks. Penn chatters on, "I'm trying to remember her name, what was it?" He describes Kate until helpful Cordy says, "Oh yeah, Kate! Detective Lockley!" She goes on, "She and Angel are totally tight." Penn asks, "This is more than just a professional relationship then? He cares for her." Cordy says, "Oh yeah, more than he knows, but that's our Angel. Dour, sure, but not afraid to get personally involved in his work, and you're totally pumping me for information, aren't you?" Penn keeps circling the office as Cordy exclaims, "Oh crap! You're him! He! The guy! Apt-pupil-boy." Heh. She backs up against the window as Penn, not bothering to look at her, says, "You realize, you'll never make it to the exit before I --" "Go up like a match?" Cordy finishes, as she raises the blinds so that light streams into the room. Props to Cordy; that was one of the rare instances of good thinking we've seen in this show. Angel enters from the other door and sees Penn. They stare at each other across the ray of sunlight bisecting the room. Which shouldn't be enough to bother them, given all of Angel's daylight romps, plus Angel is wearing a long coat, plus, oh, you know, everything else they've done to make sunlight a minimal hindrance to Angel. Penn says, "Look who's back from his Up With People meeting." Heh. Cordy runs off to get a stake for Angel. Meanwhile, Penn asks, "What? You don't drink, so now no one gets to?" Angel says, "I don't expect you to understand." Penn says, "Oh, I understand. I was a Puritan, remember?" Angel insists, "It ends now." Penn responds, "How does that work, exactly? You just wake up one morning and decide, 'okay, now I'm good?' No, Angelus, it doesn't end. It never, ever ends. It just goes on, and on..." Cordy re-enters and comments, "That's not the only thing that goes on and on." She hands Angel a stake. While Angel toys with his stake (if you know what I mean), he says, "I'm sorry for what I did to you, Penn -- what I turned you into." Penn says, "A first-class killer? An artist? A bold re-interpreter of the form?" "Try 'cheesy hack,'" suggests Angel. "Look at you. You've been getting back at your father for over two hundred years. It's pathetic and clich├ęd." I guess he'd know. Angel continues taunting Penn for a while, while Penn starts backing out the door. Then Wesley strolls in, and Penn grabs him from behind. Maybe they should hang a sock on the doorknob when they're having a standoff with a vampire, to avoid this type of mix-up. Penn gets in some taunts of his own, promising to do something "new. Innovative. Something shockingly original." He pushes Wesley toward Angel, grabs his jacket, and scurries away.

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