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Unchained Memory

Back to frame-non-story Cary, who says, "None of us knew it then, but the sequence of events was a little different than we thought. It went more like this."

Same scene of Cary feeding Cordy. But her POV-shot is a close-up of a demon opening its eyes. And then she runs away in slow motion.

Cary closes the piano keyboard and says it's been a long night. He tells the audience to tip their waitresses, and someone in the crowd shouts, "Finish it!" But he won't. He says, "Go home, hug your families while you can. And stay away from the magic. Trust me."

Cordy isn't running in slow motion, but she is walking briskly in real-time, which probably works out the same. She hurries through a hall as Angel chases after her. Cordy turns and tells Angel, "I can't." Angel asks if she remembers. She says, "I remember all of it." She looks frightened and repeats, "All of it. I have to be alone. Please. For a while." She turns to leave again, and Angel calls her back. He asks if they were in love. Cordy looks down and says, "We were," and she sounds very sad. Poor Cordy. I don't even care about them, but she sounds so sad. I'm tired; leave me alone. I'm also upset about her hair, which was pulled back in an unflattering way the whole episode. Cordy turns and leaves in an out-of-focus shot that makes me roll my eyes. Angel reacts in his usual way: by not reacting. Oh wait, he's blinking rapidly. Oh! He's sad, too! That's a shame. Poor Angel. Jeez, I must be more tired than I thought.

Back to Cary. He pulls on his jacket and exits the empty room. I think it's the Hyperion's ballroom. I don't know if Cary had a real audience earlier, or if he recovered from the evening by pretending to put on a show, or if the potion conveniently didn't affect his memory because it made him go completely bonkers instead. And I don't think Whedon knows either, because I don't think he cares about any of those questions.

Next week, it is the beginning of the end! And Cordelia loves Angel. But I repeat myself. Johanna and I spent a while looking at the teaser, and if that's Lilah dressed up as Fred, I feel very sorry for her. Also: rats, gun-toting Wesley (as opposed to Gunn, toting Wesley), Cordy's breasts, and it's time for the apocalypse. Again.

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