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Unchained Memory
s his arm, and as Fred asks if anybody smells something, he quickly points to Cary and gasps, "Look! The devil's awake!" As everyone goes to look at Cary, Angel tosses the cross over his shoulder and winces. Wesley urges everyone to stay back as Cary stirs and looks around. He starts jabbering happily, his memory intact. Then he notices his situation and says, "Here's a funny sidebar -- I'm tied to a chair. Again! What the hell's going on?" Wesley calls Cary "spawn of evil," and Cary starts to get the picture. He asks if any part of the spell worked. Wesley hisses, "Just tell us where the vampire is. Fiend!" Cary says there aren't any vampires there. Angel sighs in relief. Until Cary looks at him and adds, "Except for our boy here." The others jump back from Angel, who looks nervous and calls Cary "Lying Devil-Man." Cary goes on about how he's a vampire until Angel finally says, "Shut your mouth!" and punches Cary. Freeze frame on Cary's head being knocked back.

Cut to Cary on stage, who looks at the camera and says, "Ow."

Return to the Hyperion, end freeze frame. Cary and the couch spin back across the floor. Cordy runs over to stand near Wesley, and Gunn pushes Fred further back as he grabs his axe. Angel looks around at everyone and stammers. Cordy tells Wesley, "You left me alone with him, genius." Angel points out that he didn't touch Cordy. Cordy nods, "So clearly: deviant!" Wesley speechifies and makes flippy gestures with his hands for a while until the blades finally pop out of his sleeves again. Fred's nervous, and Wesley reassures her that it's under control. She grabs his arm, which causes Wesley to accidentally shoot his blade. Stake. Whatever. It flies into Angel's side. Wesley automatically says, "Sorry -- I mean, hah!" Angel pulls the blade out and vamps out. Gunn attacks him with the axe. Angel tosses Gunn across the room. Cordy ducks behind the couch as Angel cheerfully says, "I guess I'll start feeding on your corpses!" He says it's hard to decide which of the girls he should feast on first. Cordy stands up, hurt, and shrieks, "What do you mean, it's hard?" Then she remembers what she's talking about and points to Fred, saying, "She's the tasty one. Look at her. Half of her is neck!" Fred hunches her shoulders. Wesley whips out another bladey thing and tells the girls to run. They do, while Wesley advances on Angel. Wesley swings the bladey thing exactly once before Angel punches him in the face, knocking him down. Wesley's been punched in the face twice so far this episode! That's almost as good as seeing him get nearly-killed. Angel runs after the girls as we get a minimalist blipvert.

Cordy dashes into set. It's mostly full of boxes, and I can't tell what the room is meant to be. As she hides behind a few boxes, Angel enters and sneers, "You liked me so much before. Now I can't even get a little kiss?" He's sort of Angelus-lite. Johanna and I can't figure out why having everyone else know that he's a vampire suddenly makes him evil. Maybe he's just acting the way he thinks they expect him to? It's like a nature vs. nurture thing. Or maybe it's just that whole problem with plotting I mentioned earlier. Angel peers into a dark corner and says he sees Cordy. She makes a run for it, in the sense that she runs directly into Angel's chest. I think Cordy needs glasses. She tells Angel that she has her own superpower. Angel moves his mouth silently, and the captioning says, "What is that, now?" Odd. Why take that out? Especially when you can see his mouth move? Anyway, Cordy shrieks, and boy do I mean "shrieks." For about seven seconds. Which doesn't sound like a long time, but try screaming for seven seconds and see what you think. And it's a particularly piercing scream, too. Angel releases her and makes pained "please stop" gestures. Johanna says that Cordy used to be a better screamer, but I'm pretty sure that the awfulness of the noise she makes here is intentional. She finally stops, and Angel admits, "That really is inhuman." Then he adds, "What good do you really think that --" and is interrupted when Connor knocks him across the room. Wesley hurries down the stairs and shouts, "Yes, that one!" before tripping over absolutely nothing. It's impressive, in terms of physical comedy. And yet, it's also tiring. Angel rushes Connor, and Connor knocks Angel through a window that opens into the two-story kitchen. There's an observation deck for the kitchen? Angel plummets to the kitchen floor. Connor looks down at him through the window. Cordy thanks Connor with great intensity. Connor asks why Angel attacked her. Cordy says, "Well, who wouldn't?" She runs her hand over Connor's back and says, "You're a wee bit chess-club for my usual beat, but you kill that freak and you're getting a big reward." Connor asks if she means it, and Cordy assures him that she does. Luckily for him, Connor doesn't ask her if it's gonna cost fifty bucks.

Commercials. When we return, Connor is stalking Angel in the kitchen. Angel pops out of the shadows and attacks, and...well, they fight.

Upstairs, Fred disentangles herself from the curtain she's been hiding behind, and sneaks out into the lobby. She sees Gunn is still lying unconscious on the floor, and runs over to him. Then Cary calls her over, insisting that he can solve everything. He asks if the bottle is still on the floor. Fred peers past Cary and asks, "You mean, those bitty bits of broken glass?" Cary sighs, "Aw, balls." He says they can still undo the spell "one at a time," and asks her to untie him. Or untape him, I guess. Fred is hesitant, so Cary says, "Look in your heart! I'm praying to you, look in your heart!" Fred tilts her hat back, asks, "What heart?" and shoots him. Or maybe not. I love that movie. Cary just tells her to look in her heart, and then we cut away.

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