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The Obligatory Fred Episode
ays some magic words, and a portal opens up in the floor. Oh, okay, she probably did need Wesley's help to figure that out. Fine. Seidel clings to the furniture as Gunn rushes into the lab. Fred tells Gunn to go away, saying, You asked me not to kill him and I'm not! Not exactly." Gunn says Seidel won't survive "that," although he can't possibly know what that is. Maybe it's a portal to a shiny happy world! Okay, he's probably safe in assuming it's not. Fred screams at Gunn, "How dare you! You don't know! You don't know what it was like!" Seidel calls for help while Gunn insists that they'll find some other solution. Seidel goes on shouting to Fred for help, although you'd think he'd maybe ask for help from the guy who wasn't pointing a crossbow at him a minute ago. Academics. They're so impractical. Gunn tells Fred, "If you kill him, I'm gonna lose you." Fred stares back numbly. Gunn finally races over and grabs Seidel's arm just before Seidel is sucked into the portal. In the captions, Fred shouts, "Charles, no!" And you can faintly hear her under the wind-machine sounds of the portal, so I can't tell if they wanted to obscure her shout or if it was badly mixed. Gunn looks at Fred and suddenly twists Seidel around in a way which, I guess, is meant to indicate that he snapped Seidel's neck. That seems to be the consensus, anyway. It's hard to tell, because usually neck-snappage goes with a dramatic musical cue of some kind, and this one just has the portal-swirling wind machine soundtrack. But it's definitely true that Gunn pushes Seidel into the portal. Holy crap. I didn't expect that. The portal closes. Gunn and Fred look at each other. The office door opens and Angel enters, looking a bit disheveled. He asks what happened to Seidel. Gunn says, "It's taken care of."

Apparently they shared some more details on the ride home, because as the MoG return to the Hyperion, Angel says, "Sucked into his own portal. Wish I could have seen his face." Gunn quietly agrees, and stomps upstairs, with Fred trailing behind him. Angel dopily watches them go, thinking, "But I didn't get to tell them about my fight with the lizard-demon! It was cool!" He turns his head and suddenly notices Cordelia across the lobby, looking at him. She asks if they can talk outside.

Cordy and Angel sit down in the courtyard. Cordy notices the cut on Angel's cheekbone and reaches a hand toward it, but Angel shies away from her. Aw, he doesn't even want her to bandage his wounds any more. How sad. He explains, "Run-in with a Voynok demon. Turns out they have nine lives." "Like a cat?" Cordy asks. Angel says, "Only less standoffish." Heh. Cordy gets to the reason for her visit, and says that she knows they were friends, and she understands why Angel lied to her before. She mentions her vamp-staking adventure, and Angel angrily interrupts, "Connor took you --!" Cordy presses on, saying that she doesn't need protection, and she doesn't want any more lies. Angel agrees, "No more lies." Cordy says, "Good. Because there's something I need to know. Were we in love?" Angel stares at her as he tries to decide whether exaggerating qualifies as a lie.

After seeing Lilah and Wesley, I honestly don't care either way about what happens with Angel and Cordelia. My sense of what's freakish and wrong has been overloaded. Next time, amnesia turns out to be contagious, Cordelia fondles herself, Angel discovers that he's a vampire, and, so help me, it looks funny.

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