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The Obligatory Fred Episode

A very nice car moves through an underground garage. It's Lilah's convertible. There's a thump, and a rip, and the roof tears open above her. She stops the car, because that's a smart move, and pokes her head out through the new hole. Angel chirps, "That's cool -- the top just comes right off." Lilah gets out and sniffs, "If this is about the jolly green demon, I could have had him killed, but do I hear a thank you?" Angel summarizes the last scene and asks if Lilah had anything to do with the portal. Lilah chuckles, "Tragedy struck Gidget? Really? Did she go to that place in the big Texas sky?" Angel assures her that he and Gunn took care of it, and snarls, "Of course if we hadn't been there, I'm sure your good friend Wesley would have stepped right in." Lilah asks if Angel thinks she'd kill Fred in front of witnesses. She also refers to Fred as "the twig." Lilah just keeps getting better and better. I mean, except for her bad taste in men. After thinking about it, Angel is forced to admit that maybe Lilah wasn't responsible. Lilah cheerfully ducks back into her car, although Angel assures her that someday, gosh darn it, he's gonna have some words with her about what she did to Cary. Just when I thought I couldn't love her any more, Lilah chuckles,"You know, Angel, coming from you, idle threats are so...well, idle." Angel reaches one hand through the car roof and grrs, "Remember when I ripped your car in half?" That's a bit of an exaggeration. Lilah blithely says, "Yeah, yeah. Hulk smash," and drives away. Hee!

Later, at the Hyperion, Gunn rolls over in bed and gradually wakes up to the sound of Fred muttering to herself. This must happen a lot. But Gunn is topless! Finally! After that teasing earlier, too. He gets up and crosses the room to Fred as I applaud enthusiastically. Fred is sitting on a table, writing on the wall, and whispering mathematical formulae to herself. Gunn quietly says, "I never liked the paint in here. Hey, let's redo the place, really make it ours." Fred turns, hand covering her throat, and bashfully explains that she couldn't sleep. Gunn tries to reassure her, but Fred goes into a full panic attack about Pylea, and keeps rubbing her neck protectively as she mentions the collar she had to wear. She whines that Seidel was at the auditorium, and "he probably thinks --" Gunn steers her back to bed as he interrupts, "That you're incredibly brilliant. Just like I do." Aw. Gunn has a little bit of a tummy, and Johanna and I wonder if maybe he's been refusing to go shirtless all this time because he's seen all the comments about Boreanaz. That's sad. He's got nothing to be ashamed of! And he's so tall. Fred worries about what Seidel will think of her, and Gunn insists that there's nothing wrong with her. Fred sniffs, "Yeah, to you, maybe." Watch it, lady. Gunn breezes past that and insists, "Angel and I will take care of all the demony portal stuff. No problem." He kisses her shoulder and curls up protectively behind her in bed.

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