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The Obligatory Fred Episode
hat take a nice long time?" She heads back to the cabinet to change weapons as Angel helpfully says, "Hours if you do it right." Then he remembers that he's nice now and adds, "Not that you should do it. At all. Ever." Oh, maybe just once. Angel takes the flail away while Fred rants on about teaching her professor a lesson. Gunn tries to be the voice of reason, saying, "A few years ago I would have done in the guy myself. But this? It isn't what we do." Fred says they kill monsters, and Gunn counters that they help people. Gunn and Angel insist that if Fred goes after Seidel, she'll feel, like, really bad later and stuff. Fred finally gives up the halberd and apologizes for losing control in a completely insincere way that should have everyone on red alert, but they're kinda dumb. So instead, Gunn says, "You want a drink? I could make you some cocoa." Fred sidles away and says she's gonna go lie down. I chant, "Liii-ar, liii-ar!" Once she's out of hearing, Gunn asks Angel what they're going to do about Seidel, adding, "We got to get to him before Fred changes her mind. 'cause vengeance? It can get ugly."

Wesley opens a bottle of something that's definitely not cocoa and hands it to Fred as he chirps, "Vengeance? Sounds good." Shut up, Wesley. Fred complains that Gunn and Angel won't let her kill anybody, the big spoilsports. Maybe they don't think she has the wardrobe for it. Normally, you've got to invest in a lot of leather before you get morally ambiguous on these shows. Wesley manages to mention the fact that he was at the auditorium, explaining that he read her article. He says, "It was an excellent piece. Although I'm not sure I understand how Pauli repulsion is so readily reversed -- layman's opinion." Having made the point that he's a better match for Fred than Gunn is -- and I'd agree just on the basis of how annoying they both are -- Wesley asks what Fred wants to do to Seidel. Fred isn't sure. Wesley pauses to tell her that Angel and Gunn were right: "Vengeance will have a price -- and once you've acted, you can't go back. You'll have to live with your actions forever." Fred sniffs, "He's a serial killer," and Wesley ends his half-hearted argument. He gets up and starts flipping through a book, looking for ideas. Fred leans in close to peer over his shoulder as Wesley points out something "once practiced in ancient Egypt." Fred asks, "Is that his tongue?" as her cell phone rings. She starts to answer it, and sees odd symbols on the display. Suddenly her hair is blown around as a portal opens in Wesley's bookcase. Uh oh, she must have pissed off the "Can you hear me now?" guy. Wesley grabs Fred and pulls her back from the portal. He pulls her along with him as he jumps behind the couch.

Cut to Connor and Cordy, who are diving from some kind of threat themselves. They look up as a vamp races in to attack. Connor goes all Spider-Man with the hopping and ceiling-clinging, and then Cordy gets a nice kick in before staking the vamp. Cordy chirps, "I did that! I did that!" Connor taps her shoulder, and she spins and sweeps him up in an excited hug. She gives him a quick kiss, saying "Mwah!" Then Connor tries for a less-quick kiss. Cordy's into it for a moment before she pushes him away and looks embarrassed.

Gunn and Angel have discovered that Fred's skedaddled. They worry about whether Fred will kill Seidel or vice versa. Angel says he'll be faster alone, so he makes for the window with Gunn planning to follow.

Wesley's Shut Up Vehicle. Fred is loading a crossbow as Wesley asks if she remembers the plan. Fred thanks him for his help. Wesley thinks that it's been five minutes since he was a jerk, so he says, "Not that I don't get his point, but I'm surprised Gunn's not here. No matter what the consequences." Could he be any scummier? Y'know, when I'm plotting vengeance against someone, I don't want my partner to be distracted by attempts to get in my pants. Johanna says that she would, because her partner would be the Count of Monte Cristo. Fair enough. Fred ignores Wesley's assholery and simply says, "Charles doesn't have it in him. It's part of what I love about him." Shot down! Although I don't think Fred's take on Gunn is accurate, either. Wesley says there's still time for her to change her mind if she thinks that Gunn's right. Fred says, "It's not about what's right," and tells Wesley to pull over. He does, and offers to come along, but a Fred's gotta do what a Fred's gotta do. By herself. And off she goes.

Seidel is packing up some papers as Angel bursts through the door. Without breaking it, for a change. He asks if Seidel is planning a trip, and Seidel nervously says no and heads for the bookcases. Angel tosses the desk out of the way, which is fun, and makes with the lecturing while Seidel pulls out the book Fred looked at earlier. Angel says, "Fred's a friend of mine, and that little sabbatical you had planned for her? Not nice." I really like the way he says, "Not nice." He's like a disappointed dad. Seidel says that there's no evidence against him, and as Angel argues pointlessly, Seidel opens the book and whips out some Latin-fu. A portal opens, and a guy wearing a lizard outfit steps through it and snarls at Angel. "Great," Angel sighs.

Seidel ducks past the demon and escapes into the lab, but is stopped when Fred cracks him in the head with her crossbow. She aims at him and says, "You know what they say about payback? Well, I'm the bitch." I bet she was rehearsing that delivery in her head during the drive over.

Cordy is folding laundry and wearing one of those fake-tattoo-looking chokers. And a very ugly shirt that doesn't look like it fits her properly. Although it seems as if it might be cut to look that way. It's so hard to tell. Connor walks up wraps his arms around her from behind while asking, "How 'bout some more training?" Cordy uncomfortably steps away from him and says those four little words: "We need to talk." Connor cheerfully agrees. Oh, poor Connor. Not that I disagree with Cordy here, but most boys would know what that means. They sit on the bed, and Cordy nervously alludes to their kiss earlier. She says that it shouldn't have happened, and adds, "I don't know who I am, much less where I belong or who with. And there is a picture over there when you were a baby and it's only eight months old. There is a lot I need to figure out. I'm sorry." Cordy starts to add something, and Connor jumps up and growls, "You're going back to him. Aren't you?" Cordy says she needs time to think, and walks out. Connor punches a wall.

The lizard guy flies into the bookshelves in Seidel's office. Angel hurries over and smashes the demon repeatedly with Seidel's phone. I like the improvised weaponry in theory, but Angel's choices about what makes a good weapon are a bit questionable. Angel pounds the demon a few times, and then pulls demon-bits off his jacket with an expression of distaste as he turns to leave. But then the demon grabs his leg and trips him. A very surprised Angel is tossed against the wall.

Seidel slowly stands up and asks if he and Fred can talk about this. He insists that she isn't capable of hurting anyone. Fred advances on him as responds, "Five years of pain and suffering in a hell dimension will make a girl capable of a lot of things." Was her whole complex plan just to kill him with a crossbow? Why did she need Wesley's help with that? If she just needed a ride, couldn't she have called a cab?

Angel gazes happily at the demon's severed head. What makeshift weapon did he cut it off with, a ruler? He looks at the body, and then sees that its hands are moving again. Angel whines, "Come on! I'm holding your head!" Heh. The demon stands up as a new head emerges from its neck.

Fred asks if Seidel got rid of her and the others because he was threatened by them. She adds, "That's why Laurie is still around. She's not smart enough to overshadow you, is she?" Seidel stammers, "Why don't you just let me --" "Go?" Fred interrupts. I'm thinking the next word was "explain," actually. But Fred has worked herself up enough to start speaking in tongues. She s

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