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We whoosh over to a high-rise, where Cordy is having tea with the Transuding Furies. Who turn out to be three chicks in pink gowns who float around serving tea, or something. Cordy confirms that they know Angel, and they chorus, "Mmm, Angel." Oh, dear me. Cordy asks them to undo the anti-violence spell, but the ladies seem to have concerns about doing so. When they talk, they split the sentence up so that everyone gets a turn. I'm having flashbacks to sorority girls I met in college. Cordy says, "If you don't, Angel will die," which leads to another "Mmm, Angel."

Back at Caritas, Gunn drops the stake to the floor. He helpfully explains to Rondell, "You don't know nothin'." Ah. Socratic debate. Angel de-vamps as Gunn continues, "You think I won't kill him because he's my friend? That ain't why. Truth is, he can never be my friend, 'cause on account [sic] of what he is." Rondell, hurt, asks whether Gunn is choosing Angel over him. His choice. Changed. Everything! Gunn repeats that Angel's got the mission, and the Found Boys don't. Whatever the hell that means. Gio pulls the crossbow out and says, "A monster-lover ain't no better than a monster. And I kill monsters." He announces that the new rule is that the humans can leave if one of them kills Angel. Or maybe he'll only let go whoever kills Angel. I mean, the way he says it, it kinda sounds like for any of the humans to leave, each of them, in turn, must kill Angel, but I'm pretty sure there's a limit on how many times Angel can be killed. Anyway. "Who wants to live?" Gio asks. Fred finally stands up and apologetically explains that she doesn't want to die.

Cordy asks what she can do to convince the Pinkly Ones to lift the spell. She offers to pay, but they tell her that it's not a debt she can pay. "Only Angel is equipped to make good on this debt." Cordy says that Angel doesn't seem to have a knack for smart investments, and is he ever going to tell her about the piles of money he must have? Then Cordy has an unpleasant thought, and says, "When you say 'equipped,' that isn't what you mean, is it?" Time for another "Mmm, Angel." Let's all join Cordy in her hearty "Ew."

Fred gets an assist from Gio as she levels the crossbow at Angel. Gunn's standing just in front of and to the right of Angel, and if I were him, I'd scoot out of the line of fire because I'm thinking Fred's aim might not be too good. Fred apologizes again, Angel says he understands. Gio reminds her to aim for Angel's heart. Fred nods, then spins and points the crossbow at Gio, saying, "I thought I might just shoot you in the throat instead." Gio, in addition to being crazy and nonsensical, is pretty dumb. Fred gets a fun little speech about the grievous bodily harm she might inflict, explaining, "There's a better than fair chance I'll sever your vocal cords, and you won't even be able to scream, but you'll want to when the blood loss to your brain results in a cerebral-vascular event." The great thing about her delivery is that it's breathless and scared, not threatening. She blinks, and clarifies, "That's a stroke. I wasn't trying to sound snooty." Angel tells Fred that it's okay, which it really isn't, and instructs her to point the crossbow back at him. Uh. Why? This seems like a much better situation. If it were anyone else, when Fred spun around, the rest of them would have been, y'know, action guys. Is taking a weapon away from someone considered violence? Even if it is, nothing was stopping Wesley and Gunn from taking advantage of Fred's unsurprising behavior. Except the fact that they're all acting like complete idiots. Angel keeps insisting that Fred aim at him, and then Gio grabs the crossbow and shoves Fred away. Good job, Angel! Distract Fred so the crazy man can take his weapon back. Angel sure is lucky that, at just that moment, there's a sparkly flash of special effects to signify that the spell has been lifted. Spiffy. I love it when the good guys win because they're just damn lucky. Feh. Anyway, Angel looks up and says "Thank you, ladies. I owe you one," because there's always time for quipping. The best part is that Wesley and Gunn remain still until Angel's said his line. The second-best part is that they don't even know that Cordy was off trying to get the spell lifted, so frankly it's amazing that they somehow know that the magical flash means "time to fight." So, there's one of those fighting things that happens. I miss the poignant subtlety of "Hero."

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