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We hear Gio shout, "It's ten against three!" But we see Wesley escorting Fred safely out, so it's more like ten against two. Wait, no, it's nine against two, because Gio is just shouting and not actually fighting. Needless to say, nobody is using their guns. It's battle of the network morons. Gio keeps on shouting that L.A. sucks and he's going back to Florida. The other Found Boys stop fighting, turn to him, and say, "Aw, we'll miss your infectious high spirits!" Then they all sing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow," and everyone hugs and makes up, and then it turns out that it was all just a bad dream Cary had after one too many Sea Breezes. Oh, I wish that were true. Okay, what really happens is that Cary looks up and sees that the "Oh God" demon is still sitting behind Gio. The demon's head splits down the middle, opens, and a honkin' big CGI monster pops out. It's pretty cool, too. It rears up so that we can all realize what an unexpectedly high ceiling Caritas has, and then leans down and bites Gio's head off. Rondell immediately starts shooting at the new beastie, and we hear the kerthump of it collapsing. Doesn't it seem like maybe this would just confirm the idea that even innocent-looking demons are dangerous and should be put down? Which kind of contradicts the message we're supposed to be getting? Is it just me?

Blipvert. Fred aiming at Gio. Action Angel. Action Gunn. Hmm. Rondell shooting at the "Oh God" demon, without the CGI effect. Rondell hitting the demon, which explodes into a shower of sparks. Huh. Guess that effect didn't work out as well as they wanted.

Outside Caritas, Wesley helps Fred into a cab. He looks back to see Gunn talking to Rondell while the other Found Boys watch. We can't hear them, but according to the closed captions, Rondell says, "All right," and Gunn says, "Be well." Rondell and the Found Boys stroll off, and Gunn walks over to Wesley. He says that the Found Boys "won't be crossing Venice Boulevard any time soon." The hell? Gunn just told them to keep their rampaging and murders out of his part of town, I guess. My brain hurts from trying to make sense of any of this. And now I've gotta deal with Wesley. Swell. Wesley says that it's hard to deal with divided loyalties: "Whatever choice we do end up making, we end up feeling as though we've betrayed someone." He'd know. Hey, I meant it sincerely: he'd know. Having reached out to Gunn, Wesley is now ready to do a little tapdance on the bond they've developed. He says: "If you ever withhold information or attempt to subvert me again, I will fire you. I can't have any one member of this team compromising the safety of the group. No matter who it is. If you do it again, you will be dismissed, bag and baggage, out of a job, onto the streets, handed a pink slip, collecting unemployment, downsized, given the boot, canned, given the sack, axed, let go, discharged, given your walking papers." Johanna and I might have embellished that a little. With that, Wesley gets into the cab and rides away. I think dealing with Wesley's speech is going to take me a separate paragraph.

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