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I've said some of this on the forums already, but I'd sure hate for anybody to miss my words of wisdom, plus I can't turn down an opportunity to shred Wesley. Okay, Gunn wasn't so much hired. He started helping Angel, and then Cordy nagged Angel into paying Gunn for his assistance. Wesley's "the boss" because of the big split last season, and a pretty good case could be made that Wesley is the boss only because he actually cares who the boss is. It's kind of an honorary title. Now, Wesley started well, by sympathizing with Gunn's extraordinarily contrived dilemma, and then he turned it into a business meeting. First, the "subvert me" part? Way to make it all about you, Wesley. Subvert Wesley? What is there to subvert? Moving on. They're not in this for the money, as Gunn's speech made clear, plus Gunn already started one evil-fighting team, so he could certainly do it again if he wanted. If Wesley had said that he couldn't trust Gunn, that might have stung. If Wesley had said that Gunn should have come to him in the first place, so they could work this out without so many people dying, that might have guilted him. For that matter, if Wesley had asked why Gunn hadn't trusted him enough to tell him what was happening, that might have actually been moving. But he did none of those things. So, I'd just like to say, for the record, right here: Wesley is a fucking asshole. Ah, that felt good. I would try to believe that Wesley's assholishness will be reflected in upcoming episodes, and that eventually someone will smack him upside the head with a two-by-four, but right now I'm a little worried that the personal rifts between characters will be spackled over with a trip to another dimension or something similarly ridiculous. Heavy, heavy sigh.

So. Angel wanders out, and Gunn turns to him. Gunn tells Angel that he only said what he did in Caritas as an attempt to stall. Even though he didn't know why he was stalling for time, because he didn't know about the Kindly Ones, and I don't know why I bother. Gunn says, "It doesn't mean I meant any of it." Angel says that Gunn meant every word, but it's okay. Oh, whatever. If this episode had happened a year ago, the tension over Angel's demonic side would have been understandable. At this point, out of the blue, it just isn't. Gunn says he can't help it: "It doesn't mean I don't want to work with you. It doesn't mean that I don't like you. Maybe someday....I don't know." Angel says, "I got time." He turns down the alley, and Gunn calls him back to say, "I think I proved that you could trust me. When I could have killed you and I didn't." See, again, yes, but until this episode, we had no reason to think that Angel didn't trust Gunn. So, what the hell? Angel, weighted by the burden of being a completely different person for this scene, replies, "You'll prove I can trust you when the day comes that you have to kill me, and you do." He turns and walks away, wondering where the hell he parked his car. Gunn turns to call a cab so that he can reclaim his truck from Cordy. Does this mean that Buffy is the only person in the whole world that Angel trusts? Because if he's limiting it to people who have tried to kill him when he needed killing, that's pretty much it. Wow, and I thought I had issues.

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